Tuesday, September 30, 2014

tour through blogland.

a couple of weeks ago now, the lovely megan of silver threads of happiness tagged me in her tour through blogland post, and i am so excited to take part!

i've been reading megan's blog for a little while now, after officially finding her on instagram when she started commenting on a few of my pictures.

i'm loving reading about the renovations that megan and her partner are working on at the moment, and all of the crafty little things she gets up to!

and how could you not like someone surrounded by tulips?

anywho, i have some questions to answer about myself...

1) what am i working on?
so many things!!!
i'm knitting up a little red sock! i've finished the top section, and the heel, now to knit the body of the foot and the toe. home stretch basically...
i also started a little crocheted blankie project out of 3 similar looking balls of yarn i grabbed from my stash last night. i was craving something mindless to work on, but with a bit more instant gratification than i'm getting from knitting the aforementioned socks, with their super thin needles and wool! i think i'll keep working this granny square, round and round, until i run out of yarn!
i've got some other sock plans on my mind, but i'm waiting on the right size needles, and a bit of time to whip up some swatches. can't have socks that don't fit!
and i've also got a loaf or two of bread on the go, i'm working on experimenting with my sourdough at the moment, it's equal parts fun and terrifying!

2) how does my work differ from others of its genre?
um, i'm not really sure about this one... i don't really find myself being too competitive or comparative with what i do, and i just do what i do because i love doing it! comparison being the thief of joy and all that, i take inspiration from what others do, but try to rock it in my own way!

3) why do I write/create what i do?
i create what i do because i like to fill my time with making things of value and use. whether it be a loaf of bread to fill a tummy, a scarf or socks to keep someone warm, or a dishcloth to help to keep my house clean. all of which bring a smile to my own face, and hopefully anyone i'm sharing with too!
and i write about what i create mainly ha ha!

4) how does your writing/creating process work?
my mind seems to be always buzzing with ideas, forever inspired by the physical world around me or here in the virtual world. the trickiest thing is finding time to get to creating what i'm thinking of before it flits back out of my head. lists are good for that ha ha!
and lists are also great for keeping my writing on track! i've recently started keeping an editorial calendar for my blog, and it's ensuring that i've got a post planned for most days. i love posting as routinely as i can and keeping to a bit of a schedule. little bit of a control freak ha ha!

and now to introduce my two nominees... well one nominee actually...
i sent out quite a few emails to writers of blogs i love to read, but didn't hear back from lots of people. i get how busy life is though, so i'm rolling with the punches ha ha!

anywho, nominee...
cam is a blogger who i have been reading for just about as long as i have been reading blogs! and i was lucky enough to meet her in real life through a group of melbourne crafty bloggers and now consider her a good friend!
i love cam's creativity and she has a wicked sense of humour! and i love that she is always up for coffee and cake!

Well hi there, my name is Cam.

I'm a Designer, Crafter, Maker, Sometimes blogger, and Obsessed Collector of all manner of weird and wonderful things.
I adore colour and pattern and anything with a bit of vintage style.

keep an eye out for cam's post in the next couple of weeks over at curlypops! and thanks again to megan for the nomination!

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Megan said...

Hey! Sorry I missed this, I left for Europe the day before. Finally getting caught up on all my blog reading. I love your blog plan. So organised. I'm a bit jealous of organised people. I'd secretly like to be one but I'm really just terribly slack. And I agree, it is so lovely to make something useful for someone!