Thursday, August 27, 2009

baby blanky

my wonderful cousin is due to have a baby next week so i've been working on a nice little baby blankie for her. it is quite little, only about a metre by a metre in size. i've been working on it since the end of june...

i've felt like it's been a little learning experience for me, this little blanket. i only hope she likes it when i give it to her. when i finish it. hopefully this week...
i'll be sure to let you see a finished photo (hopefully of a bit better quality than these ones...) you might guess from the pink, she's having a girl. wanted to make it a bit bright and pink because so much baby stuff is pastel and boring.

oh and my mum and dad surprised me when they visited sunday by bringing up one of the little planter boxes that dad and i put together in april. mum and i immediately went dirt shopping and we planted a few seedlings i had growing. some broccoli, sage and rocket. interesting little combination but it'll be lovely to have some fresh grown broccoli (for the first time) and some more rocket. can't wait to start mixing up mayo dressing to go with it :D

and this has been an ongoing little work in progress in my head. this is a de-commisioned fountain at uni (thanks to water restrictions).

it's an interesting design but quite the eyesore, filled with gross water and rubbish most of the year. i had the idea of turning it into a nice little green patch and together with the enviro club at uni hope to make it happen next year. i've got to get it together and get some designs up and running.

should be made easier with my list of plants that we're allowed to plant at uni, thanks paula.