Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this week...

well i'm a little bit late this week, but i'm getting there eventually ha ha!
this week i'm hoping to get a few half started projects finished...

framing bb and my graduation certificates to go on the wall...

finishing off my door snake. it's almost done, i ran out of stuffing just before it was all stuffed!
oh and the knitting, well that's the start of a much promised cushion!

and speaking of much promised, i promised i'd whip something up for a lovely friend quite a while ago. must get to that...

so lots going on here this week, what are you up to?

Friday, August 19, 2011

quiet afternoon.

a sick day on the couch, under my ripple with the heater toasting my feet and the renovators to catch up on the tv.
it is the best way to fight a cold in my opinion.

oh and i'm crocheting. my door snake is growing quite quickly non?
yes it's a door snake, hope y'all kept your minds out of the gutter :P

Thursday, August 18, 2011

my creative space

is a bit of a mystery today...
a crocheted mystery in red.

what do you think it is?
more creative spaces can now be found here!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

baby blanket ta-da!

it's done! the baby blanket i was working on for my cousin's baby is all done!
i made it up in greens, whites and yellows as my cousin wasn't sure whether she was having a girl or a boy.

don't mind the wrinkliness of the blankie, i was trying to use up wool from my stash (read: bb found my wool stash and has forbidden me to buy any more wool, i'm pretty safe though, he has no idea what i've got in there so wouldn't notice if new balls showed up :D), so everything is in slightly different plys. makes it a bit snugglier i think!

i got it done just in the nick of time too! poppy louise was born at 1pm on the 12th of august!
can't wait to go and visit because she looks ridiculously cute in the photos!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

a weekend away...

after finding a great deal on here, bb and i booked a little post-birthday weekend escape to lorne.
we've not really spent a lot of time to the west (or the north...) of melbourne as we both grew up in the south east of victoria so it was a good little excuse for some exploration!
ready for some pictures?

eating fish and chips on the foreshore

the view from our room

our complimentary seafood platter (it came with the room! can you believe it!?!) for two, should read, seafood platter for four i think... we gave away our oysters and mussels to an older couple on the table next to us as we don't really eat them.

what was left of said platter...

a book we found in a second hand book shop (where we bought several awesome second hand books, love the character of pre-owned books), it was titled kane's arctic explorations and was published in the 1830's!

trampolining on the foreshore. about a minute and a half after this photo i realised i am actually not as young as i think as my back started hurting something shocking from all the bouncing! poor old thing!

a quick trip on the way home to split point lighthouse. also known as the lighthouse from 'round the twist, have you ever, ever felt like this. as much as i wanted to do the tour, my back was still feeling pretty delicate, perhaps not quite nimble enough for tramping up all of those stairs!

needless to say, i'm about to begin planning our next trip away. it was so refreshing to go somewhere new and make our own memories and get away from all the responsibilities that being at home brings (housework bleurgh!)

this week...

i'm recovering after a weekend away (more about that tomorrow...)

i'm doing lots of washing.
i'm making lots of spring cleaning type lists for both the inside of the house AND the outside. now if i only had the motivation to get some of them done...
i'm planning out my next crafty move now that i'm done with the baby blanket (more about that later too...)
i'm also working on framing some pictures for my feature wall idea for over our bed.
i'm organising a little crochet how-to afternoon, after promising lots of people lessons for a while...
i'm also vaccuuming and mopping the floors (excitement PLUS, i know! but if you knew just how desperately it needed doing...)

and most excitedly, i'm writing lots of blog posts, commenting on lots of blog posts, and just generally flitting about on my bran new laptop!

an amazing birthday present from my even more amazing boyfriend!
my old one was getting beyond ridiculous, i had to copy and paste a 'g' whenever i had to use one. very annoying but has made me appreciate my brand new shiny one alllllll the more. i've practically been using it wearing white gloves!

back tomorrow to share all about our little holiday!

ps. did you watch making it handmade last night on abc2? it was amazing! you can watch it here for a little bit :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

flea market finds.

this weekend just gone, bb and i headed off on a weekend away to lorne. it was a great adventure for the two of us as both of us had grown up on the south east coast of victoria and therefore had never spent much time on the south west coast.
my main priority once we got there on friday night was to hunt down an op-shop or two. we found one on the main street that said it was open 10-4 every day (optimistically, no it really said optimistically!)

before lunch the next day we headed back down. after a quick look around (wasn't really in the mood for a dig through anything...) we were about to head out when i spotted this high up on a shelf.

it was love at first sight and i knew it was destined to be mine.

i have no idea what i want to do with it, or what i should keep in it, but i'm very excited to have it home and sitting on top of my heater!

more flea market finds over with sophie!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

our creative space.

putting the very last of the baby blanket squares together.

nearly time to put on the edge and get it alllllllllll finished up!

what are you today?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


is already flying by!
in fact, we're almost halfway through!!

i'm loving how many gorgeous plants are in bloom at the moment, it's starting to make me realise this winter is nearly over. bring on the sunshine!

now having a quick look back on july...
i didn't quite get the baby blanket done i was planning too, though it is very close... and those presents, didn't even get a look in!
i did however spend a fair few hours thinking about the design wall feature i want to hang above our bed, it will definitely get some hours spent on it this month!

so august, well top of the priority list is getting the baby blankie finished and done. then i really want to concentrate on getting stuff ready to hang for the design wall and maybe even getting it hung! i'm super excited about this as i recently bought a real piece of art, and it definitely needs some hanging space above the bed!
just a small number of goals this month, in the crazy hope i might actually get some of them done!

do you have any august goals?