Monday, July 20, 2009


ok so it's been months...
and that's due to a few things. evil uni work and general awful time sucking study, moving house and being completely internetless for pretty much my entire 3 weeks off!
that aside, i'm going to try and get out some of these things that i've been stockpiling into this bloggy world.
especially because now i can email myself multiple pictures from my iphone, will make things much quicker!!!

firstly, i've been knitting and hooking up a storm and managed to send off 7 beanies to the beanie festival! more than last year so i'm happy :D should hear back from them soon regarding how many sold and all those lovely details. didn't manage to get pictures of them all though so that's a bit sad.
secondly, over the week off that i had in first semester, i designed and made some lovely planter boxes that my dad helped me put together. it was fun to do something with him in the outdoors as normally he just plays online poker and that's about it!

dad bought materials for 3 boxes, 2 to be joined with a seat. this was from the design i drew up for the specific areas i wanted them in our yard. we started putting them together though and i decided some of them were too tall and looked a bit silly, so we ended up making 4.
i'm contemplating selling one on ebay to make back the cost of the wood. perhaps even two as we don't live in the place with the yard i specifically designed them for.

which brings me to something else very exciting...
new house!!!
we moved in about a month ago and it's really very lovely. there's a cute little front yard and a quaint little back yard and it's all very plain and just begging me to get out there and make it lush and colourful and gorgeous.
some of the inside bits are a bit shabby too so stay tuned .

and that is just about enough words for today so enjoy the pictures and i'll fill you in on a little blanket i'm working on tomorrow.