Friday, October 30, 2009

country visits.

spent the majority of this week down at my parents house in the lovely countryside.
thought i'd do a little bit of gardening whilst mum and dad were at work...

i even remembered to take a before photo this time... unfortunately then i had the VERY unwise idea to get this beast to help me.

she didn't want to help so much as she did want to eat the fresh leaves off the fruit trees in the orchard and try and remove my kneecap with her horns.

which meant i wasn't very good for gardening... or work particularly in the days after. damn goat. so needless to say, there was a lot of this being done (i ran out of ripple wool last weekend and haven't had a chance to get anymore, will stock up this weekend though)

this, if you're wondering, is a scarf. a little in between work in progress. it was going to be for myself but the boyfriend put on his sad "i have no winter scarf" face. to be honest i don't have on either but i do have all summer for that selfish nonsense...

also i'm very excited as these lovelies are finally coming home to my new (well getting older now) house. it was my little goal for this week. well and to finally get my tax back. think i might make myself a little goal for each week so that i don't end up doing stuff all the entire holidays. maybe i'll share them with you all on here...
i think my goal for next week will be to save some money to be able to fill those lovely planter boxes!
ooh and next time i might fill you in on what i am planning to green up the planter boxes with.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

a day in the garden.

i woke up this morning and the sun was shining in through my bedroom window. after doing gross bill paying type chores, i pulled on my (very dusty) gardening clothes and got out amongst the sun and dirt and lovely green things.

first job: pull all of the weeds out of this little garden bed. i really should've taken before photos as well as after photos as you would not believe what this looked like before... you could barely make out the little grape hyacinth plants either side of the rose amongst all the weeds surrounding them. but tick that off the to-do list now.

second job: re-pot some sad looking house plants. they'd needed to be done for months! the violet moved with us in june, so it was the most desperate. the gazmania was a birthday gift in august and the maiden fern was a $2 bargain from kmart somewhere in between. hopefully some more room to stretch their roots will perk them up a bit.

third job: weed out this little brick section. again without a before photo you won't believe the extent of my neglect, but let's just say you would've had a hard time knowing there were bricks under there... i rearranged some of my pots from out the front onto here too, the ones that weren't enjoying the afternoon sun as much as the others... now they'll hopefully be happier getting the milder morning sunshine. see my little gazmania there, happy in it's new pot? it was having quite an awful time on top of my heater, they like it hot but not that hot.

tomorrow: i don't own a whipper-snipper and last time i borrowed one there was way too much frustration with the line and what-not, so tomorrow's job is to trim the edges in the backyard along the fence. i have this feeling it will probably take a while seeing as there is barely half of the backyard...

and for those of you who are interested. RIPPLE! i've almost finished an entire colour repeat now. i'm pretty excited about it. i think that it should probably have a name... what do you think?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


yesterday was my last exam for 2009. i now have 4 and a half months of freedom. well there's work but you can't get study guilt from working...
so i may have done some procrastination in the past few examy weeks. the ripple was started.

and i may have just kept rippling. i bought the light green and purple to add some colour zazz in as i thought that the dark green/blue/black combination was a bit old man style. i added them on but the dark green/blue/black combination was just tooooooo dull even with the added colour zazz. the dull needed to be broken up.

frog frog frog frog. a whole box of frogging.

did you notice my manicure? it's for an animal print themed party that i'm going to on saturday night. took me a few hours but i kinda love them :D

so i've gone from having a 5 and a half row ripple to a one row ripple. shouldn't take me long to get it back to 5 hopefully... i don't have plans for tomorrow til i have to leave for work at 2ish. i'm rearranging the colours so that they go dull bright dull bright. hopefully it'll make it a little perkier for the eye.
stay tuned for the completed coloured pattern. tomorrow? maybe saturday? possibly sunday. before the week is out!