Friday, October 30, 2009

country visits.

spent the majority of this week down at my parents house in the lovely countryside.
thought i'd do a little bit of gardening whilst mum and dad were at work...

i even remembered to take a before photo this time... unfortunately then i had the VERY unwise idea to get this beast to help me.

she didn't want to help so much as she did want to eat the fresh leaves off the fruit trees in the orchard and try and remove my kneecap with her horns.

which meant i wasn't very good for gardening... or work particularly in the days after. damn goat. so needless to say, there was a lot of this being done (i ran out of ripple wool last weekend and haven't had a chance to get anymore, will stock up this weekend though)

this, if you're wondering, is a scarf. a little in between work in progress. it was going to be for myself but the boyfriend put on his sad "i have no winter scarf" face. to be honest i don't have on either but i do have all summer for that selfish nonsense...

also i'm very excited as these lovelies are finally coming home to my new (well getting older now) house. it was my little goal for this week. well and to finally get my tax back. think i might make myself a little goal for each week so that i don't end up doing stuff all the entire holidays. maybe i'll share them with you all on here...
i think my goal for next week will be to save some money to be able to fill those lovely planter boxes!
ooh and next time i might fill you in on what i am planning to green up the planter boxes with.

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Unknown said...

Damn goats , stroppy things . I hope your knee/leg is ok now , take care .