Saturday, November 27, 2010

(almost) summer holiday.

so it's been a little while between blog posts, but i've been working hard. and by working hard i mean holidaying with friends.
yup it's been a pretty hard week ha ha.

we stayed in a friends relatives coastal holiday house, aptly nicknamed the pink palace.

and spent the first day swimming, beach walking, sunbathing, fishing aaaaaaaand...

meeting the neighbors.

but unfortunately on the second day, there was a little too much of this.

so we kept the boredom at bay by making mattress forts (what else would you expect of four 22 year old girls?)

and of course, drinking cocktails, eating yummy nibblies and playing board games.

and me, well i kept myself busy with my crochet hook!

how's your week been?

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

hexie blanket ta-da!

i do like to finish things, especially when i've been working on a certain things for nearly seven months!
but it's done, brianna's hexie blanket is finally complete!

the pattern was from here though i changed it a LOT! when i made it exactly the same as the pattern the hexagons wouldn't sit anywhere near flat. not sure if i was using the wrong wool or the wrong needle or just reading the silly thing completely wrong.
i like the way they all turned out though :D

i joined them as i went, using double crochet. brianna and i debated for a fair while about this but again, i'm quite fond of the way it turned out :D

13 colours. 31 balls of wool. 182 hexagons.
all done!
now i have to *sob* pass it over to brianna, it is hers after all. i'll definitely be sad to see it go though...

now to get back to this ol' thing...

my creative space.

my creative space features two different hooks today.

an old faithful, grey 4mm one who will be working on putting the finishing touches on brianna's hexie blanket. i am soooo excited to get such a big project to (almost) completion!

it quite literally has hours to go, instead of days or months. very exciting indeed!

the second hook in my creative space today, is a neon green 7mm one, that honestly doesn't get a lot of use...
but today it's coming out of it's packet and getting some use. i'm teaching an enthusiastic friend the basics of crochet!

hopefully my teaching skills have improved... last time i tried to teach someone the basics, it perhaps didn't go so well.
i guess we'll get there eventually :D

there's lots more creative spaces over with kirsty.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i thought i'd just express a little love.
for all those wonderful people that follow my blog.
i beam and jump whenever that follower number goes up (i know it sounds superficial but i really do, it gives me a thrill to have concrete evidence that real people actually read the words i write)

and so i made this 'love' heart garland for one of you amazing followers!
do you like it? my boyfriend does. he is very jealous that i'm giving it away!!!
as soon as my follower count reaches the big 5-0, i'll be drawing the winner of this little garland.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 questions.

this morning, pip posted a little set of questions and as i've had the laziest morning ever, i thought i'd play along :D

  1. Sweet or Savoury? definitely savoury. mmmmmm cheese. drools.
  2. Dresses or Jeans? dress. they're so versatile and you can wear them in hot or cold weather (obviously with other clothes in the cold though :D)
  3. House or Apartment? house. if i can't have a garden, i'm a sad panda.
  4. Shop Online or Offline? offline. i like to touch things :D though online is a bit amazing too.
  5. DVDs or Downloads? downloads. my dvd players make too much noise.
  6. Cocktails or Juice? cocktails. to infinity.
  7. Chocolate or Strawberry? chocolate. chocolate dipped strawberries.
  8. Laptop or PC? laptop definitely. i like to roam ha ha.
  9. Magazines or Newspapers? magazines. they don't leave black marks on your fingers and the pages (of most) feel so lovely. plus the pictures look about a million times better and i LIKE pictures.
  10. Facebook or Twitter? twitter. no question.
  11. CDs or MP3s? mp3s. whenever i get a new cd, i convert it straight to mp3 and then the cd is lucky to be touched again.
  12. Kids or Pets? pets. i don't think i'm quite ready for kidlets yet... but they're on the to-do list. the far off to-do list. i want a chicken.
  13. Macaron or Cupcakes? cupcakes. i've not ever had a macaron so cupcakes win hands down.
  14. Walk or Run? walk. i don't like to sweat :S
  15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? breakfast out. crumbs in bed = not fun.
  16. Market or Supermarket? market. you can never quite know how supermarket produce is...
  17. Sourdough or Grainy? yum sourdough!
  18. Heels or Flats? heels heels heels heels heels. ouch my feet. flats.
  19. Late nights or Not? late night. makes me feel like i'm being more productive, that is, until i sleep til noon.
  20. Coffee or Tea? tea. can NOT stand coffee. the boyfriend thinks i'm being a baby. it doesn't taste right.

will you play along?

Monday, November 15, 2010

at my house...

today at my house...
i'm achieving the impossible, emptying the laundry basket!

if only for half a day, it still feels damn good :D
now, if only the rain would hold off for a little bit so i can get everything dry...

i'm also going to have a little bit of a tidy up around the house and outside of the house.
we've had a fence-man here all morning, fixing up our leany and warped fence. he's all done now but he's left the back yard in a bit of a state.
should keep me occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

what are you up to today?
lou is having a break but i'll still play along :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

in my spare time...

... i've been reading! well i'm always reading, but lately i've been able to sink my teeth into some beautiful FICTION! (as opposed to the dullness of a non-fictional text book)
i'm finding it's quite a splendid thing, to read a book that's been recommended by a friend, rather than prescribed by a unit chair.

some of these i've read, one of them i'm currently reading, and some i'm intending to read very soon.
some of them are op-shopped, some of them are borrowed but all of them i'm excited about!
what are you reading at the moment?

hope everyone has had a very happy and safe weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

my creative space.

after a little break, the hexie blanket is now fully and completely back on the agenda (there may have been a hiccup where i did not completely follow the layout brianna made originally and had to get her to come over again and re-lay the remaining six rows...).
however unlike my previous method of keeping track of the pattern (which obviously failed miserably), this method should keep me on the right track...

i'm off, crochet hook in hand, to watch some crappy tv and attach some hexies!

plenty more creative spaces over with kirsty.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


well i guess that's what you would call it any way. brianna and i went to two antique shops last week (well one was called a second hand shop actually) and they had 2 things in common. both were filled with amazingly pretty things, arranged artfully and creatively, and they were both fairly horribly over priced.
we had fun anyway :D

( i finally figured out how to get photos off my iphone without emailing them to myself, quite the relief seeing as how my phone screen is currently being most un-cooperative)

ps. i know where i'm getting my races hat/fascinator from for next year :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

flea market finds.

a very successful week of op-shopping i must say!
first brianna and i visited many an op/second-hand/antique shop in lang lang and kooweerup. i took a ridiculous amount of photos on my phone but with a dead screen, they're more than a little tedious to get at...

later in the week, during a visit to my grandma with my mum, i went for a sneaky visit to an oppie in moe, around the corner from where my mum was taking my grandma grocery shopping.

along with a nice haul of lovely floral fabrics, a few books, some buttons and other crafty bits and pieces, i found five tea-cups, in wonderful condition, all with matching saucers, and for less than $2.50 each! bargains!!!
i have great plans for these tea-cups... involving many afternoons of high tea :D scones and finger sandwiches and cupcakes, oh my!

pop over to sophie's for more flea market finds.

blogtoberfest wrap up.

yes, i'm a little late with this... i always tend to be pretty tired and grouchy of a sunday afternoon, i work all morning you see, and while i had great intentions of blogging up a wrap-up last sunday, all i could muster was a happy hallowe'en. then the week just kind of ran away from me...
i went and visited my parents after cup day and ended up taking public transport down there so i was not very keen to be lugging my laptop around.

i really, super enjoyed participating in blogtoberfest. at times i felt really inspired to be posting every day and was really excited to work out what i was going to post about. however towards the end of the month my enthusiasm kind of waned, the stress and tiredness of exams and work and everything got a little much and my blog posts kind of suffered. sorry about that ha ha!

did you enter lots of giveaways over blogtoberfest? i did! and i was even lucky enough to win a couple of things!!!
i won these vintage knitting patterns when selina held a giveaway. i can't wait to have a crack at some of those patterns!

and then i was lucky enough to win this mary kay hand pamper kit when leonie held a giveaway!
so very lucky and spoiled i am!

suuuuuuuper big round of applause for cathy for organising everything and to cam for organising giveaways :D you ladies are both amazing!!!

i'm also very glad that cathy has left the list up too! i'm still working my way through it.... slowly but surely ha ha!

can't wait til next year now!!!