Sunday, November 7, 2010

blogtoberfest wrap up.

yes, i'm a little late with this... i always tend to be pretty tired and grouchy of a sunday afternoon, i work all morning you see, and while i had great intentions of blogging up a wrap-up last sunday, all i could muster was a happy hallowe'en. then the week just kind of ran away from me...
i went and visited my parents after cup day and ended up taking public transport down there so i was not very keen to be lugging my laptop around.

i really, super enjoyed participating in blogtoberfest. at times i felt really inspired to be posting every day and was really excited to work out what i was going to post about. however towards the end of the month my enthusiasm kind of waned, the stress and tiredness of exams and work and everything got a little much and my blog posts kind of suffered. sorry about that ha ha!

did you enter lots of giveaways over blogtoberfest? i did! and i was even lucky enough to win a couple of things!!!
i won these vintage knitting patterns when selina held a giveaway. i can't wait to have a crack at some of those patterns!

and then i was lucky enough to win this mary kay hand pamper kit when leonie held a giveaway!
so very lucky and spoiled i am!

suuuuuuuper big round of applause for cathy for organising everything and to cam for organising giveaways :D you ladies are both amazing!!!

i'm also very glad that cathy has left the list up too! i'm still working my way through it.... slowly but surely ha ha!

can't wait til next year now!!!

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