Thursday, November 18, 2010

my creative space.

my creative space features two different hooks today.

an old faithful, grey 4mm one who will be working on putting the finishing touches on brianna's hexie blanket. i am soooo excited to get such a big project to (almost) completion!

it quite literally has hours to go, instead of days or months. very exciting indeed!

the second hook in my creative space today, is a neon green 7mm one, that honestly doesn't get a lot of use...
but today it's coming out of it's packet and getting some use. i'm teaching an enthusiastic friend the basics of crochet!

hopefully my teaching skills have improved... last time i tried to teach someone the basics, it perhaps didn't go so well.
i guess we'll get there eventually :D

there's lots more creative spaces over with kirsty.

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Sarah said...

The blanket looks fab! Good luck with the teaching too!

Colours of Ariel said...

thank-you for teaching me!! im so excited about making my blanky super big and warm and comfy :)
my strongest recommendations to anyone wanting to learn...go to cole! :p