Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my creative space.

that is how many hexies i've made for brianna's blankie.
and that is about all i've been doing.
i've been having some family issues so it's about all my little brain has been able to focus on.
oh and i've had to do some of that awful study stuff. probably why i haven't blogged in a whole week! sorry about that ha ha!

good lord i need a new table cloth! or to clean up the table top...
maybe that can be my job for the rest of the day!
stay tuned ha ha.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

my creative space.

is a complete mess! there's colourful feathers and sequins, ribbons and buttons, all over my loungeroom.
and my fingers are covered in glue from the gun.

but this is all done!
apologies for the blurry photo, some things must be kept secret. well for a little while longer anyway...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

apron ta-da!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's done!
well it may have been done a little while ago... i'm very lazy at the moment ok? hibernating for winter ha ha!

now i just have to get un-lazy so i can get into the kitchen and actually use the silly apron. masterchef style!

tuesday treasures.

just like on thursday, i'm a little late coming to the table.
this time it's due to my extreme laziness when it comes to kitchen cleanliness.

the treasure i'm showing you this week are these very pretty bowls.
they were wedding presents to my grandparents over 60 years ago and my grandmother recently thought i should have them.

i actually use them, for things like chocolate mousse and to put lollies in. i don't see the point of having pretty things that you don't use and just keep in the cupboard. and everytime i use them they make me think of my grandmother (who i don't visit nearly often enough) and my late grandfather.
it's my grandma's birthday next month, she's 80! i can't wait to go and visit :D

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Friday, July 16, 2010

my late creative space.

yesterday i was word lazy. and picture lazy. in other words, blog lazy.
my hands just wouldn't do it for me. it would only do a little bit of this....

i'm doing a little unpicking at the moment.
removing all that coles rubbish about shopping where a masterchef shops. i don't know many chefs that would shop at coles...
but i'm leaving the coles part, well i'll get rid of the 's' :D
then i can pretend i have my own masterchef apron (yes i'm really that lame).

my hands have also been doing a little bit of this...

brianna took me shopping at sunspun and bought the rest of the wool needed for her hexie blankie.
i anticipate finishing it far too soon for the amount of assessment tasks i already have due.
i even whipped up a fair few last night at northern craft bonanza! my very first time there but it won't be my last :D

there's plenty more creative spaces here at kirsty's blog. though i bet they weren't quite as late as me...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesday (thrifted) treasures.

so this week, some new treasures. well new for me anyway.
first up, an AMAZING armchair.
found on the front lawn of one of my neighbours... hard rubbish is my favourite time of the year :D
it's in near perfect condition, except for a little rip in one of the arms. but look, i can cover it with a crochet blankie. just like new.

and while making a costume for a fancy dress party during the week, lookie what i found in my local opshop. it's a little shabby, and you have to punch the buckle to get it to close, but it's so purrrrrrrdy.

and what it fits inside of it is even more exciting :D
it fits my whole ripple-in-progress inside. AND spare wool. i thought i'd have to buy one of those big awful plastic canvas bags from the $2 shop because nothing else would be able to hold it. luckily i found this, much nicer.
i love the red satin lining :D

pop over to clare's craftroom to discover some more treasures.
and thanks everyone for your loving last week. it's a bit of a sad time but everyone's comments are incredibly thoughtful and made me smile! thanks again!

Monday, July 12, 2010

phew, australia post didn't lose it.

i was starting to wonder...
but it turns out my stitched postcard arrived safe and sound to rikki in georgia.
so now i can show you all!!!

it's a little simplistic. and the white cotton, is much whiter than i was anticipating it would be against the black.
but i think it turned out ok, considering i've never really done embroidery before...
i also sent her some other little goodies too. i like putting in some lovely extra little things :D

so happy she liked it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tuesday treasures.

these aren't technically my treasures. but they are treasured.
this is my nanna's shoe collection. well one shelf of it anyway.

she's collected them from all over the world and they were something she always held dear.
sadly my nanna was recently hospitalised for dementia which is all a bit sad, especially as we have to sell her house and get rid of all her belongings. and then there's the sad fact of her not knowing who any of her family are. sad, sad days.

Friday, July 2, 2010

surprises in the postbox.

sorry it's been a few days everyone! i've been down visiting with my parents and then had a little holiday with some good friends. it was quite lovely to get away from responsibilities and everything...
but today we came back, to a slightly musty house and a chockers letterbox.
i quickly sorted through the bills and tax certificates, and found what i was hoping would be there... my postcard! all the way from hoboken, new jersey!

the sender was louise gale. lookee lookee at my postcard! isn't it loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely? i love it.

AND i got a little surprise, a set of prints of her work! are they just gorgeous? and some very inspiring words there too!

i've popped them up on my dresser wall, along with all of my 'naked ladies' as my boyfriend calls them...
they're ready to inspire me to get up and get going!

thanks so much louise!
and thanks beth for organising everything! i'll definitely have to play along with creative swaps again :D

i still can't reveal mine, because i'm not sure if rikki has received it yet... maybe next time?