Thursday, April 29, 2010

my creative space.

i'm running a little bit late today because my mum was visiting...
but i've been busy this week!!!
brianna posted about this little basket of wool last week in her my creative space post...

but look what i've done with it!
24 hexagons, representing every combination of colours, within the chosen colour groups (which aren't exactly looking like how they're supposed to, silly camera...)

and then i made some more. i went for a more bulk approach though.
just making as many of one colour as i calculated i'd need. another 7 of each...
i may have ran out of that dark pink there before i got the 7 made... brianna? we may need another ball of each...

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Friday, April 23, 2010

birthday present!

as some of you may already know, last weekend it was brianna's birthday (check out her birthday giveaway too!)
i wasn't entirely sure what to get her... so i thought i'd give her a little promise... she'd recently asked me if i could make her a crocheted blanket, a hexagon crocheted blanket. i agreed with the proviso that she supply the wool.
this was talked about around a month ago and then basically forgotten about. so i thought i'd get the ball rolling again...
i went for a short little train ride to sunspun on canterbury rd. (it's divine! everyone should visit!) and picked up this ball, yes just one, my self control was off the charts, of debbie bliss DK cashmerino. soooooooooooo soft.

when i got home i started to have a little play around, both with the wool and the pattern. i ended up having to completely change the pattern, it just wouldn't sit right and was all lumpy and bumpy and awful looking! but i got it sorted out eventually. to be honest, i didn't mind that it took me a couple of go's, the wool is soooooooooo lovely to work with, so soft and fine :D
once i'd finished a hexagon, i blocked it out on the carpet (shhhh don't tell the real estate agent), and gave it a spray from this bottle i found at my parent's house last visit. it's very funky and metallic :D

i picked this ring up while browsing at chadstone the other day and it had bri written all over it. i found a ring box in my present wrapping drawer and after a little remodelling the ring fit in it fine. i used the hexagon as the fanciest wrapping paper ever, wrapping over the top of the box and tying it all off with some nice blue ribbon.
happy birthday brianna!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my first my creative space.

weeeee this is my first 'my creative space'
in truth i didn't really know what it was about... i had to get brianna to explain it to me...
yesterday i had the day off uni AND work so i took the time to, not do homework as was desperately needed, but to get a little creative!
my dresser has been boring me, it's so bland and plain and absolutely dull!

so i spiced it up a little, got my hot glue gun out and whacked up some new bright ribbon around the mirror, pinned up some pearls and stuck up about a million little pictures of pin up girls.
i love these pictures, some of them are a little risque, but i kind them kind of nice as all the girls aren't stick thin, curves were definitely in back then.the pictures came from a 365 day desk calendar i bought about 5 years ago and they are all gil elvgrom's work. cutting them all out was probably the most tedious thing i've ever done, but well worth it :D

now if only i can remember to get some blutack next time i go to the supermarket, maybe i can cover the rest of the walls of my dresser.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a little planting, a little hoping.

on friday, i decided to make pumpkin soup, partly because i'd insisted we buy pumpkin last time we went shopping but mostly to procrastinate... it turned out ok, i used butternut pumpkin which makes for a sweeter soup, i'm still undecided as to whether i like it or not...

there were a lot of seeds that i had to scoop out so i decided to keep some of them and poke them into my still empty planter box. now, i'm hoping, that (a) the birds don't like pumpkin seeds and (b) the weather stays nice so that hopefully i can get something growing in there!

beanie number 6.

that's right, well and truly over half way!

beanie number 6, which is still yet to be named, began over the easter long weekend at my parents house. 65 stitches on size 12 needles. too many as my mum pointed out, 4 rows into the ribbing. oh well, one day i'll learn...

this beanie was meant to be finished in that same week, in fact it was on my list of things to get done in my week off following easter. however it didn't get finished then (along with almost everything on that list) because i had at least 3 assignments to do and so procrastination set in...
meaning i spent almost all the time i wasn't working or sleeping, watching nip/tuck on dvd. the first 2 seasons in just over a week...
there was also the small factor of running out of wool. and then not being able to find it again in spotlight...
but never fear, as i have a massive washing hamper full of wool, there was bound to be a matching ball in there somewhere. and there was. so i sat down and finished while watching the biggest loser finale on sunday night.
it looks like it needs to go on to biggest loser! obese beanie! i think i may need to invest in some elastic to ensure this beanie and the last actually stay on peoples heads!!!


yup so it's been a while... and once again we have uni to thank for that!
i haven't had time to do simple things around the house, let alone to do lovely crafty, planty things to show all of you lovely people. unless of course you want to hear all the details about all the assignments i've had due? no? didn't think so!

so here are a couple of updates for you, just to keep you posted...
first of all, see that mass of tangled leafy vines there? ok so it's not quite a mass just yet, but it has certainly grown. remember way back here when i was sad because of our careless mower man? well four months on, my jasmine has not only bounced back, it's better than ever. it's lovely and thick at the bottom and there are a few tendrils that have grown up, all the way to the handrail.
i absolutely can't wait for flower time! i'll be able to open the front door and jasmine smell will waft through the whole house!

aaaaaand this lovely specimen of blanket (that is actually looking like a blanket now!)
i've been doing a little bit of work on this because the weather here has been sooo miserable (with the exception of this past weekend) it kept my toesies warm and my crocheting hands too! fending off the need to turn on the heater just yet.
it's getting to the point where it's hard to tell if it's grown at all, so i keep measuring it against my legs as i'm hooking. a few months ago it barely covered my knees. now it's all the way down my shins and to my feet! slow growth but definitely lovely all the same!