Friday, April 23, 2010

birthday present!

as some of you may already know, last weekend it was brianna's birthday (check out her birthday giveaway too!)
i wasn't entirely sure what to get her... so i thought i'd give her a little promise... she'd recently asked me if i could make her a crocheted blanket, a hexagon crocheted blanket. i agreed with the proviso that she supply the wool.
this was talked about around a month ago and then basically forgotten about. so i thought i'd get the ball rolling again...
i went for a short little train ride to sunspun on canterbury rd. (it's divine! everyone should visit!) and picked up this ball, yes just one, my self control was off the charts, of debbie bliss DK cashmerino. soooooooooooo soft.

when i got home i started to have a little play around, both with the wool and the pattern. i ended up having to completely change the pattern, it just wouldn't sit right and was all lumpy and bumpy and awful looking! but i got it sorted out eventually. to be honest, i didn't mind that it took me a couple of go's, the wool is soooooooooo lovely to work with, so soft and fine :D
once i'd finished a hexagon, i blocked it out on the carpet (shhhh don't tell the real estate agent), and gave it a spray from this bottle i found at my parent's house last visit. it's very funky and metallic :D

i picked this ring up while browsing at chadstone the other day and it had bri written all over it. i found a ring box in my present wrapping drawer and after a little remodelling the ring fit in it fine. i used the hexagon as the fanciest wrapping paper ever, wrapping over the top of the box and tying it all off with some nice blue ribbon.
happy birthday brianna!

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