Wednesday, December 31, 2014

green love.

actually, maybe that's not such a great title... perhaps green neglect would be better...

you see, having been so busy with working, and festiveness, and more recently being a resident in germ hq (40 hours in bed, not the most productive use of time at all), any greenery that's been happening, or even just staying alive to be honest, has been entirely of it's own free will...

and in the interest of keeping it real...

this is my back yard right now. ATROCIOUS!
there are so many things not ok with this picture, the knee high grass, the struggling plants, the overgrown vines. i'm more than a little disappointed in myself.

but tomorrow, all that will change (she says hopefully). new year's day, being a public holiday, means i have the day off from work. so (weather and health permitting) i will be getting out with my power tools, my secateurs, and my watering can full of fertiliser to give this little space the time and love it deserves.
and that i deserve. it's my happy place after all.

how's your backyard looking at the moment? is it your happy place too? what are your plans for new year's day?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

sunday snippets.

well hello there!
it's been so much longer than i'd meant it to be... but what a crazy time of year!

i've been super busy with work since getting back from our little roadtrip, and when i wasn't busy, i was trying to get ready for christmas! lots of knitting, and food prep...

a beanie for my bestie's hubby, a pair of socks for my cousin's littlest (don't ever try and take a photo of a dancing young lady) and my take on babymac's salmon stacks (so delicious!)

and of course, when there's lots to be done, there's always something i end up doing instead...

like organising projects i want to knit next year from my stash. naturally...

they may just be all bagged up, and labelled, in a basket ready to knit. there are lots of beanies in the works, as well as a couple of scarves, a pair of socks and my first shawl!
can't wait to get knitting!

how did your christmas go? are you already making plans for the new year?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

sunday snippets.

the holiday edition. running just a week or so late...

it's been a big couple of weeks since getting back, and blogging has definitely fell by the way side.

watching the sun set over the ocean in robe. bliss.

happy hour. erryday. with free popcorn this particular night.

a +20,000 step day resulted in me destroying my favourite shoes. damn!

there was lots of knitting done, mostly in the car, but some balcony and tea knitting too.

we checked out grapes in the botanic gardens (we spent maaaaaany hours there, hopefully more details on that later...), and then saw heaaaaaaaps more when we drove through mclaren vale.

and how awesome is this blue lake? so many different coloured lakes about!

have you ever travelled to adelaide? or taken a ridiculously long road trip, just because?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

green love.

just a quick round-up of the NEW things i came home to after our little trip away (more about that later...)

well a ways off potatoes still, but my seeds have started growing.

this was gone about 2 seconds after i snapped this. still needed another day or two but i didn't want to chance it with the wildlife...

i picked up this 'potted colour' a few weeks ago now, though it didn't have any colour on it at all, just greenery, and now look at it! beautiful!

what new things have you noticed in your patch this week?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

green love.

gosh it has been a warm few days in these parts, and i have been struggling a little bit to keep everything happy and well watered.
over the weekend, one of my strawberry plants got well and truly crispy fried, but i'm hoping i can revive it with lots of love.

but otherwise, i've been busy doing lots of little jobs, like replanting all of these tomatoes...

there were quite a few crammed into that one little tray, and they definitely needed to be replanted a few weeks ago, but hopefully they'll all come good again now they've got some room!
i spent a bit of time sharing them out to different friends on sunday too. i planted out wayyyy too many seeds this year ha ha!

i'm in awe of how much this ivy has grown to be honest...

not only is it growing all the way along my side fence, it's making a sizeable impact on this wall, and the back fence too. i LOVE it!

oh and this little lavender plant i grew from a cutting...

well it's going from strength to strength. i have it planted in a planter box with lots of other flowers, so hopefully it continues growing and finds its own little niche in amongst the other flowers.

and i FINALLY got around to planting some potatoes too...

i don't really know if it's the right time of year for these bad boys or not, i just wanted to get them happening. and now they are! happy days!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? how are your tomatoes?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


it is the last month of the year?!? the LAST month? how did that happen?!?!

my goals for november? well, they've not really come to fruition at all!
i was hoping to have some socks done and dusted... but they're not really happening... i have one pair, past the heel, but there's still quite a loooooong stretch of foot to go, and i'm more than a little worried i'll run out of wool to be perfectly honest.
the kris kringle plans i had? well i haven't touched them!
and running? let's not even go there!

and this month? well i'd like to finish off the purple socks i'm working on, and get those kris kringle presents DONE!
i've also got one or two christmas presents i'd like to make, but well, that might not happen... we'll see!

and HOPEFULLY my oven will get fixed/replaced at some point and i can bake up some bread! i whipped up the above loaves while i was at mum and dad's over the weekend.

a small number of goals for a busy, busy month!

what are you up to this month? are you making any christmas gifts?

Monday, December 1, 2014

meal planning monday.

i had a bit of a dilemma today, do i write up a meal plan because it's monday, or a 'december' post because it's the first of the month...?
the meal plan won!

tonight, i've got some roo burgers to use up. pretty sure they were on the menu last week but that never ended up happening...

tomorrow night, i'm out all day for work training and THEN have ballet. slow cooker satay chicken will be ON!

wednesday night, i'll grab some kind of meat from the butchers. maybe some lamb chops. and i'll serve them up with all the vegies in the crisper that needs to be eaten.

thursday, i'll be celebrating being on holidays (woo!) and will definitely be cooking up EVERYTHING that is in the fridge. bb and i are heading interstate for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary so the fridge will need to be emptied!

and we'll definitely be eating out for the rest of the week!