Wednesday, December 3, 2014

green love.

gosh it has been a warm few days in these parts, and i have been struggling a little bit to keep everything happy and well watered.
over the weekend, one of my strawberry plants got well and truly crispy fried, but i'm hoping i can revive it with lots of love.

but otherwise, i've been busy doing lots of little jobs, like replanting all of these tomatoes...

there were quite a few crammed into that one little tray, and they definitely needed to be replanted a few weeks ago, but hopefully they'll all come good again now they've got some room!
i spent a bit of time sharing them out to different friends on sunday too. i planted out wayyyy too many seeds this year ha ha!

i'm in awe of how much this ivy has grown to be honest...

not only is it growing all the way along my side fence, it's making a sizeable impact on this wall, and the back fence too. i LOVE it!

oh and this little lavender plant i grew from a cutting...

well it's going from strength to strength. i have it planted in a planter box with lots of other flowers, so hopefully it continues growing and finds its own little niche in amongst the other flowers.

and i FINALLY got around to planting some potatoes too...

i don't really know if it's the right time of year for these bad boys or not, i just wanted to get them happening. and now they are! happy days!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? how are your tomatoes?

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