Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i had a test today at 3. so instead of studying or being in any way productive, i procrastinated. it's how i roll.

i had these old bananas... they were looking pretty bruised up so i did really not want to eat them. bruisy bananas make me gag (i know that's pretty well a euphemism or whatever but NO)

so out came the trusty old muffin recipe. this is a recipe my aunty gave me. my cousin was about one when she gave it to me and she's nine now so this piece of paper is at least eight years old... it's travelled with me to four different houses so it's pretty amazing i haven't ripped/burnt/covered it in muffin mix/thrown it out.

mix everything up in my big green mixing bowl. favourite that i got from my besties. i should really probably use a wooden spoon and traditional-it-up but i have to use metal spoons to serve it up so i try and save dishes for the boyfriends sake.
patty pans, just like when i was a kid... saves on mess too. i'm the lack of mess queen.

into the oven for a while. had to keep an eye on them as my oven is notoriously crap for baking. if you put anything on the top shelf it's sure to burn and if it's on the bottom shelf and you're not careful it'll burn on one side, leaving you with half burnt, half raw muffins/carrot cake. brianna at rollinginfabric has experienced that little gem...
half an hour in the oven and voila. muffins for afternoon tea with study. although i honestly didn't really feel like them after licking the muffin mix out of the bowl. mmmmmm muffin mix. i did however take them to uni with me to share before/after the test. they were good to take the nerve off/commiserate with. commiserations for me unfortunately, i didn't do as well as i would've liked. this is to be expected though as i spent all morning sleeping/cleaning/baking and not actually studying...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

wool sale!

so i decided, instead of waiting to save the money to buy the 18 million balls of wool i'm going to need to make this ripple i have in my mind, i'd buy the balls one at a time. this way it'd cost me money gradually and would build a little bit of suspense with myself AND perhaps give me some time to, you know, study for the four exams i have coming up...
so in i went to spotlight, in my hour break between shifts, to find my one little ball of wool...
but spotlight had a different idea, this is what i walked out with...

20 balls of wool (plus my one ball that i actually went in to purchase) = $21.
gotta love a wool sale :D

stay tuned to see some new pictures of the newly started ripple, if the sun ever comes out that is. iphones aren't the best for picture taking in bad lighting...

EDIT: i may have gone into spotlight again today, only intending to buy the next ball of wool for my little ripple, and found myself with another 9 or so balls in my shopping bag... oooopsies. more pictures soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009


all week, well the last two weeks really, i've been saving up for a little spotlight trip to plan colours for my next blankie project.
so this morning i got up much earlier than i had to and made the trek via public transport to spotlight in box hill. soooooooooo excited. almost jumping out of my skin with excitement. walked in the door and there was a little 2-3 year old girl screaming her head off. turn ipod up. all good. head off towards where i thought the wool section would be. through manchester, party, fabrics, homewares, back to registers. WHAT? where is the magical wool section??? second trip around the shop revealed ONE teensy little wool section. all the lovely wools crammed into one tiny little aisle. well actually there wasn't very many lovely wools at all. well there were a few nice wooly feeling ones but they were black or cream or pastels and what my heart really wants is bright greens and blue and lovely sea colours.
i have a sneaking feeling as well that there was once 2 wool aisles in the store but the second aisle has been taken over by CHRISTMAS decorations. in SEPTEMBER.
rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant.
don't get me wrong i love christmas decorations, but i only love them in december. where they belong.

in any case. i've been working on a little ripple scarf, from my practice attempts... it's coming together quite nicely. except that i've ran out of wool for it... saturday, i'll get more wool for it on saturday. it's quite easy now that i've got the rhythm happening for it. and it's the perfect size to take on the train, bus, lectures and everywhere really!

so while that's in hiatus while i wait to get some more scarf wool, i'm working on another little something. i'll let you see it grow to see what it is... i bought the wool today in spotlight, it was the nicest one there... i may have started it while in a lecture. bad nicole.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh look, blankie!

the edging seemed to take me a million years (or because i had to write a 20 page report) but it's finally finished. and just in time too. i finished the edging friday night and little ivy was born on saturday at 2315. she's the cutest little thing and i love her little name, ivy. it was on my possible baby name lists. old-fashioned and one of my favourite plants.
i took the photos from mum and dads bench. see you can see my toesies, all pale and wintery.
having finished the blankie i was kind of at a loss as to what to do next. my hands were bored and i couldn't even look at new wool on account of my purse and bank accounts being sadly empty. so i thought i should get this ripple pattern down. i found some wool that was lying around at mum and dads place and started rippling. i've used a pattern from lucy at attic24 and after a few stuff ups and practices i managed to get a nice little ripple happening. then i realised that i'd done it wrong again and had another crack. i think i've got it this time... thinking i might make this into a scarf and hopefully by the time it's finished i'll be a bit more financial (praying for a group certificate and reasonable tax return) and be able to snap up some lovely green and blue ocean colours to get started on my dream ripple. i think it's going to be bed sized so will probably take me til this time next year to finish....

oh and i also dyed my hair. i even went to the hair dresser and everything... i got it done about 4 weeks ago so the regrowth is getting quite unbearable... pay rent or get roots redyed? that is the question.