Monday, May 31, 2010

and they're on their way!

this morning i tottered on down to the post office with a green bag full to the brim with beanies!
after browsing the various express post bag, i settled on the biggest (and priciest) one.

luckily the lovely post office lady assured me we could cram the into the slightly smaller one and because they were nice and fluffy and wooly they would bounce back ok. i'm glad too, the smaller one was $7 cheaper!

so off my beanies go, on their way to alice springs and the beanie festival :D

probably won't be too many blog posts for a while, entering exam hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Monday, May 24, 2010

beanie finale 2010!

all done!

fluff and nonsense, all done!

un-named black and white beanie, done!

10 little beanies, all in a row.
two are still un-named though.
need to get my creative hat, er beanie, on!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


earlier this week i booked in for the haby goddess's first ever workshop! i'm pretty excited because it's my first ever workshop too!
and it's to do with knitting!
and it's the day after i finish exams! guilt free knitting, ahhhhhhh i can't wait!

visit here for more info.

ps. i'm almost finished beanie number 10. expect a big 'ta-da' post soon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

it's still all about the beanies...

but it shouldn't be for much longer...
that's beanie number 8 up there. took me about 24 hours from start to finish. it was one of the few beanies that came with me to uni (mostly i was too afraid of breaking needles/losing stitches when they were in my bag), and because of that it got some lecture loving, bus loving and waiting for the train loving. in other words i had more time to do it. aaaaaaaaaand there was the small matter of the huge 25% assignment that i had to do too, the beanie was wayyy more entertaining.

so with the end of beanie number 8, comes the beginning of beanie number 9. i'm calling this one fluff and nonsense, because compared with the last few beanies i've done, this wool is out of control! i have no idea what i'm knitting with it... or what i have knitted. my ribbing is basically just guess work but it is nice and soft and will probably be lovely and warm too :D

you can barely differentiate between the knitting and the ball of wool! in any case, it will be lovely to work with as long as i don't get too uptight with my stitches...
anywho, i best be off. i've got a 25% assignment to go and avoid doing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my creative space.

is once again, all about the beanies...
yup, that up there, is beanie number 7. all done and dusted. it seems to have taken me FOREVER, but i think that's just compared to all the others. thin wool and needles makes for slow knitting!
i finished it up about 10 minutes into juno last night. i'd seen it a million times, but wednesday night girly movies are the perfect knitting/hooking opportunity :D
now it just needs a name...
aaaaaaaaand that rarely used exercise bike? it got used for something other than displaying beanies. health kick starts...

because i finished it so early into the movie, i made a start on beanie number 8.
75 stitches on size 6's.
and i'm calling it lavender mousse.
mmmmmm delicious.
the wool is a lot thicker so this one should be done wayyyyyy quicker. although i DO have an assignment due monday. we'll see where my priorities lie...

EDIT: just realised i forgot to tell everyone to check out kirsty's blog for more creative spaces.
i'm such a rude mole. sorry everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more op shopping!

this time i went with mum though! the town that i grew up in has about a million op-shops so instead of just going to one op shop, like on saturday, we went to 4!
i feel that i was pretty restrained considering i only bought things from 3 of 4.
as you might have noticed, i picked up a lovely little set of drawers, which are very well needed as my current ones are literally falling apart! and an absolute bargain for $30. might change the handles though, they're a bit tacky and plastic.

a closer look at what treasures are in the drawer... 3 pairs of loooooong knitting needles, $1 each. a nice glass jar to match my others, $1. 6 balls of navy wool, $2 for the lot. vintage sunnies, $2 (they're prescription ones, but they're MY prescription, no wayyyyyy!). aaaaaaaaaaaand the piece de resistance, a stainless steel cocktail shaker, $2. i announced last week to my friends that i needed one of these and that my next alcohol purchase would be a bottle of vermouth so i could start making martinis at home. fate then delivered this baby to me. perfect!

aaaaaaaaaaaand we found a million of these, ok well 4. it took us aaaaages to figure out what they were for. anyone know?
they're cask wine containers. in case you don't want everyone to know you drink cask wine i guess... they were in the first 3 op shops we went into. mum and i couldn't stop laughing when we worked it out.
so i don't think there'll be very much opshopping from now on, our rent's going up so we should probably save our cash!
stay tuned for beanie updates on thursday!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

saturday morning adventures.

this morning was a busy one.
a new op-shop opened up, close by our house. aaaaaaaaand the local craft market was on.
i dragged the boyfriend down with the promise of potential mother's day presents (he's a very last minute shopper). i may have neglected to tell him about the trip i had planned to the new op shop because he has a hate for them, but in the end he very much enjoyed himself.
in fact he was the one that found most of this stuff!
so the picture up the top, is an amazing looking vintage telephone. $14.99. all the fittings are metal and lovely (and in need of a polish). can't wait to get it cleaned up and looking shiny and new! well old new at least.
it'll definitely take pride of place on my dresser.

i can very rarely leave an op shop without purchasing something (it is for a good cause after all) and that something is most usually wool for my stash. 6 and a half balls for $5.99.
and a lovely puzzle too. may have to raid dads shed for a nice solid piece of wood to keep it on. $2.99 for that one.

and the boyfriends best spot. a magnifying mirror. $5.99. it fits perfectly on our bathroom windowsill so i've been assured that he'll never miss any stray hairs shaving again.

we did then eventually make it to the craft market. it was a pretty small affair but i wasn't expecting it to be too big. we found a nice rosemary plant for mother's day that was potted up as soon as we got home into a nice earthy red pot.

now it's off to work for me so to all the mummies out there, happy mother's day for tomorrow!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my creative space.

i know you're probably all expecting another hexagon blankie post today buuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
i realised last night that i really only have about 4 weeks til the beanie festival.
so with 4 weeks to go aaaaaaand 4 beanies to make, i decided to start beanie number 7!
and i have a feeling it might be slow going... i've never worked with mohair before but it's sooooooo thin.
oh a yes that's masterchef in the background on my laptop. i'm a reality tv junkie. don't judge me.

i had some visitors so this is how much i got done qhile watching one 30 minute episode of masterchef and the movie ps i love you. well most of it, i missed the first 40 minutes or so.
so nearly 2 hours of knitting and i haven't even finished the ribbing yet!
i can feel myself getting itchy fingers already, luckily i've got about a million hexagons to make :D

for other creative spaces, visit kirsty

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


so i've been making my little hexies up in stages, doing all the centre circles of one colour set, then adding the next round to all of the centre circles...
then doing the final bordering rounds all at once (not so complete because i keep running out of wool)
i find this is a great system for me because it's a bit more final, and it seems to take less time... the only problem is that you have all these tiny rounds that go everywhere!

after some thinking and rummaging... i found a nice long metal skewer, and skewered all my rounds.
now as long as i don't jam too many on, they shouldn't fall off, and i should be able to always find them!