Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more op shopping!

this time i went with mum though! the town that i grew up in has about a million op-shops so instead of just going to one op shop, like on saturday, we went to 4!
i feel that i was pretty restrained considering i only bought things from 3 of 4.
as you might have noticed, i picked up a lovely little set of drawers, which are very well needed as my current ones are literally falling apart! and an absolute bargain for $30. might change the handles though, they're a bit tacky and plastic.

a closer look at what treasures are in the drawer... 3 pairs of loooooong knitting needles, $1 each. a nice glass jar to match my others, $1. 6 balls of navy wool, $2 for the lot. vintage sunnies, $2 (they're prescription ones, but they're MY prescription, no wayyyyyy!). aaaaaaaaaaaand the piece de resistance, a stainless steel cocktail shaker, $2. i announced last week to my friends that i needed one of these and that my next alcohol purchase would be a bottle of vermouth so i could start making martinis at home. fate then delivered this baby to me. perfect!

aaaaaaaaaaaand we found a million of these, ok well 4. it took us aaaaages to figure out what they were for. anyone know?
they're cask wine containers. in case you don't want everyone to know you drink cask wine i guess... they were in the first 3 op shops we went into. mum and i couldn't stop laughing when we worked it out.
so i don't think there'll be very much opshopping from now on, our rent's going up so we should probably save our cash!
stay tuned for beanie updates on thursday!

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