Monday, June 15, 2015

meal planning monday.

phew! monday again! the past week's meal plan didn't exactly go as i had hoped, but it's a new week and i've got another meal plan to go by!

tonight, i've got some hasselback potatoes in the oven (never got to those last week) and some steaks in the fridge. can't wait, my belly is rumbling!

tomorrow, i'll stop by the butcher in my lunch break from work and see what there is on offer. lots of vegies on the side. i think this week will mostly be a meat and three veg kind of week ha ha!

for wednesday night, bb has requested tacos. i'll grab some mince out of the freezer and spice it up to make it nice and mexican-ish. if i can be bothered, i'll whip up some tortillas too...

thursday night, i'm thinking some parmesan chicken. i'll get some pancetta from the deli near work and serve them up with a whole heap of vegies, and some more hasselback potatoes if i get home from work in time.

friday night, i'll be working. i think i'll do osso bucco this week. i was supposed to last week, but ended up slow cooking some beer braised beef ribs instead. they were AWESOME and it's inspired me to shake up my osso bucco this week!

saturday night, i'm heading down to visit my mum and dad for dinner. am looking forward to a mum-cooked roast with all the trimmings, yum!

sunday night, i think i'll ask bb to cook. i'll be heading home from mum and dad's during the day, and stopping off at a baby shower on the way, so here's hoping he can throw together a big ol' pot of bolognaise to eat when i get home!

what are you eating this week?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


well june is well underway, and although i've had my plans banging around in my head, it's taken me AGES to get them down and into this here blog post.
better late than never right?

my goals for may were pretty simple... i wanted to apply for my passport and get some wedding things sorted, as well as keep up with the 100 days of creativity project i've been working on over on instagram.
i got everything sorted for my passport and popped to the post office last week, only to have it rejected within 30 seconds as there was a mistake. oops! i've got another page to fill in so hopefully that'll be sorted very soon.
wedding plans are slowly getting locked in. invitations are designed, save the dates are going out, catering and venue is in stone. exciting stuff! and the 100 days project is ticking away...

this month, i've got two big projects on the knitting needles, a cowl and a cardigan. i'd like to get both of them pretty much done... as well as make some cute little rainbow pieces for some soon-to-be born twinnies and get a pair of socks on the needles for my mum for her birthday next month. i wanted to knit her a pair for christmas, and then mother's day, and they're still not done!

i also need to get some wedding bonbonierre sorted, the plan i have needs quite a few months to come together so i need to get a good headstart!
oh and we have a house inspection next week so there'll be LOTS of cleaning happening around these parts in the next week...

what are your plans for june?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

100 days of creativity - week 7.

days 43-49 saw me finish up a beanie (which i realise, i still haven't gifted to it's intended owner, oops!), and start another project (this one) and work on it while watching a little webinar by yarnhaus...

after getting through the first ball of yarn for my cowl, i also finished up the cutest little pair of shoes (available to buy here!) and started ANOTHER big project (oops!)

what a week!

what have you been creating this week?

Monday, June 8, 2015

meal planning monday.

monday again, though it certainly doesn't feel it... a public holiday today, as well as having worked all weekend, means that it definitely feels like a sunday today!
i've made the most of it by staying home ALL day. i've gotten a bit of gardening done, a bit of tidying and housework, some wedding prep and a wee bit of blogging too.

tonight, bb is out at the football, so i think i'll cook myself up some pesto pasta. simple and easy and delicious!

tomorrow night, i'll throw together a curry for dinner. should be quick but yummy!

wednesday night, i'll grab some kind of red meat from the butcher, and serve them up with a whole load of vegies. AND hasselback potatoes. i've been wanting to try them for AGES.

thursday night, i'm hoping to catch up with some lovely ladies for dinner.

friday night, i'm working late. osso bucco in the slow cooker should do the trick.

saturday night, i'm intending a date night with bb. after two nights out in a row, i'll need a catch up with him!

sunday night, slow cooked roast. done and done.

what are you eating this week? have you made hasselback potatoes before?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

100 days of creativity - week 6.

day 36-42 saw me mending a pair of bb's pants, taking a double knitting class, working on a secret crochet project...

finishing my silver swatch (and knitting to gauge, YAHOO!), putting a little more length on the alpaca beanie aaaaaand finishing up my double knitted swatch.
it's such a cool technique and i can't wait to try it in a project!

what are you creating this week? have you ever tried your hand at double knitting?

Monday, June 1, 2015

meal planning monday.

oh hey! my name is nicole, and i am an expert in falling off this blogging bandwagon it seems... luckily i'm also getting quite good at jumping back on.

i spent a little time yesterday, having a think about the week ahead, and what i have planned meal wise so i feel pretty good about this meal plan...
i'm also trying to kickstart a bit of healthy eating thing too, being the first of june and all. the last few weeks has meant lots of junky junk and i'm feeling particularly bleurgh because of it.

anyway... i'll talk more about my plans for the month over the next couple of days, for now, it's meal plan time!

tonight, i've got a pot of chicken stock on the stove, bringing it to the boil to cook up some noodles for a soupy dinner. we had a roast chicken last night for dinner, so basically leftovers tonight...

tomorrow night, i'll grab some beef mince out of the freezer, and make a chow mein. i haven't really made it before, so naturally i'm just going to wing it! i've got some vegies pre-chopped (i was super organised yesterday!) and will cook everything off and add sauces until it tastes good! cross your fingers for me?

wednesday night, i'm heading out to catch up with some old work colleagues. it should be excellent and bb can fend for himself!

thursday night, i'll be working late. satay chicken will be going in the slow cooker for sure!

friday night, i'm heading to an etsy craft party!! i'm anticipating it will be an absolute blast and i canNOT wait!

saturday and sunday, i'm hoping to spend a whole lotta time at home... organising, tidying and CLEANING as i have a house inspection scheduled next week. eep! it should mean lots of home cooked meals too. maybe a soup? and something slow cooked for sure. and maybe BREAD!? i feel as though i haven't baked in ages!

what are you eating this week? have you been baking recently?