Thursday, September 30, 2010

vintage fat quarter loooooove.

as i am the worst, slackest blogger ever, it has taken me aaaaaaaages (more than 2 weeks) to share my giveaway win.

i won susan l's giveaway of a stack of fat quarters.
and aren't they magnificennnnt?
i'm currently trying to decide what to do with them...
miss rolling in fabric is trying to convince me to go with a vintage quilt, like this or this (from here). however, i'm not much of a quilter, or really even a sewer, so this and this (also from here) are really more taking my fancy...

what do you think?

and thanks susan l!!!
now off to watch the football, again!

happy blogtoberfest!

i'm more than a little excited.
i even went and picked some flowers especially for the occasion (they smell amazing!)

i've got some lovely things planned for this month... you see i've been thinking about it for a while... this is my first year but i've known about it for a while.
on top of writing a blog post a day, i hope to have a couple of giveaways and make sure i engage myself in this lovely festival of blogginess :D
i want to make sure i make lots and lots of comments to make people smile too!

stay tuned!

my creative space.

my clean creative space.
had a real estate inspection this morning so had spent all day yesterday and this morning cleaning. real estate lady didn't even notice.

so what's planned for the afternoon...?
a spot of strawberry planting?

and maybe some hexying?

yup i think that's just what the doctor ordered.

check out more creative spaces over here.

ps. do you seeeeeeeeee that little badge up there? yup! i'm blogtoberfesting!!! visit {tinniegirl} to join in the fun :D

pps. no ncb for me tonight... i'm heading to the mister mode night market! hopefully i'll pick up some lovely bargains and see you all next fortnight :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday treasures.

remember this pile of boxes from last week?

how about we open another one and have a look?
this one, has a ring in it. and this ring i know the significance of.

this ring was my mums. a signet ring. with a ruby in it (her birthstone).
her parents gave it to her on her 10th birthday and my mum gave it to me on my 10th birthday. a family heirloom of sorts :D

pop in for a cuppa with clare for some more tuesday treasures.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

spotlight bargains

i popped into spotlight to pick up a pattern i had on order and oh ho, wool was 60% off.

i got these skeins, normally priced at $12.99, for $5.19. and i LOVE them. i've bought this wool once before, and i managed to knit 2 beanies out of one skein. i bought SEVEN skeins! so i pretty much have my wool bought for beanies for next year ha ha. so i don't need to buy any more wool then? not on your life buddy!

oh and this is the pattern. i managed to score it for half price. hopefully it's not too hard to make... will probably most definitely be bringing it along to ncb for pointers ha ha.

it's a jacket pattern. which i'm pretty excited about, i love a trench coat :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

my creative space.

isn't very creative today...
i should've filled this page, and probably a couple more, but this is still all i've got...

i do, however, have about half a beanie. and i'm about to run out of wool. time to do some frogging i guess.

hope kirsty is having a great holiday :D

tuesday treasures.

while visiting my parents, i uncovered a whole heap of my treasures.
look-y a pile of boxes! i'll just show you what's in one of those boxes today though ok?

the big one on the bottom?

it's full of spoons!
i got this little box full from my grandma. i'm not entirely sure of the significance, she gave them to me to 'look after'. my grandma like to share her treasures :D
i actually used a couple of these in my year 12 folio pieces for studio art. maybe i'll share those soon too actually :D

pop over to clare's craftroom for a cuppa and a squiz at more tuesday treasures.

playing around.

my brother brought a nifty camera down with him to do a project from school.
naturally while he was sleeping, i 'borrowed' it and took about a million pictures of stuff around the farm.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

flea market finds.

oh my goodness, it's been more than a week? where did all that time go to? damn uni, sucking up all my creativity/opshopping time!

i did however manage to get a little flea market-ing done today. i dragged my brother out of bed and to the kongwak market with me (in my mum's car, which is a manual, LOTS of stalling).

it had been a while since i'd been, but it's the same, a literal treasure trove!

so many little stalls and pockets of second-hand vintagey goodies. and some quite lovely food too. there were two young girls playing folk versions of pop songs with guitars that set a lovely tone for the whole event :D i just wish i wasn't so stressed from the driving to enjoy it a bit more ha ha!

they also had a few organic and local produce stalls, some lovely looking vegies and wine!

unfortunately, rent is due VERY soon, and the rent account is still very empty, so apart from a snag in bread, i left the market empty handed.

my flea market find is actually a garden that was down the road a little from the market.

i thought it was a community type garden at first, on second looks though, i think it's actually a little close to the house to be a community garden. i had a sneaky wander through anyway. i figure if you didn't want people wandering through, you'd put up fences right?

more (traditional) flea market finds over at her library adventures.

Friday, September 10, 2010

wheel of hearts.

despite originally planning to make a row of hearts, last night at ncb i decided to connect them in a circle...

i think i like them.

though i think i might still make a row though, for yarn bombing at nycole's wedding. that's if i can get it done in time... lots of crocheting on the bus, the train, at lunch and in lectures to be done.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my creative space.

my thursdays seem to be one in the same at the moment, crocheting and cleaning while catching up on the lectures i'm too lazy to go to.

but there's something a little new... i was a little naughty and actually spent money on an iphone app.

but it's brilliant! you can take lovely, moody vintage-y looking pictures with your iphone :D
that combined with the amazing sunshine is making me very happy indeedy!

i'm off to organise what crafting i'll be doing tonight at ncb, see you there?

have a lookee at what creative things everyone else is doing...
thanks kirsty!

Monday, September 6, 2010

did you guess?

the secretive my creative space post the other day... did you guess?

it was a teddy bear! for my baby second cousin, it was her very first birthday!!!
i was suuuuper late to the party but i still got to catch up with everyone and see the super cute birthday eat her cake! well, sit on, step on, smoosh and smash the cake, she ate a little bit...

i also found this amazingly cute card at the papercraft store near my house. think i'll probably be going there for all my cards from now on, there's some amazing ones there!
this one was made by tracey russell :D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

flea market finds.

playing along this week for the very first time :D

i did a meeeeeeeeeeean number on the op-shop close to my house thursday looking for a suit for uni.
i found a suit, and a matching vest, and an amazing skirt aaaaaaaaaaaaaand

yup they're amazing! love them to death and just what i need coming into sunshiney spring :D
now i just have to try not to break them in my bag (the fate of the last 3 pairs of sunglasses i've had).

i so so so love op-shopping.

more flea market finds are right here.

Friday, September 3, 2010


men and women are different. and they hang their towels differently. guess which one is mine.
i guess you can tell how anally retentive someone is by looking at how they hang their towels ha ha.
also, this is an amazing painting i received as a gift for my 21st birthday.
it was created by the lovely heidi. she's super talented and stupidly creative! and did i mention lovely?

off to bed for me now, i've got a busy day of working and surprising my dad tomorrow (he doesn't know i'm coming down for father's day :D).
have a great weekend everyone!

ps. about 30 seconds after i took this picture, i realised that i hadn't watered this fern for about a month. i then dropped it in the sink and cracked the pot. then i tripped over my own feet.
clumsiness is DEFINITELY my cross to bear ha ha.
pps. the plant will live :D

Thursday, September 2, 2010

my creative space.

is a bit secretive today...
i'm making something new, something i've never attempted before, as a little surprise for someone.

it involves very slooooooooow knitting on my behalf, lots of marking off of rows and counting and such. not at all what i'm used to.
i'm just hoping it all works out ok, wish me luck?

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