Thursday, September 30, 2010

my creative space.

my clean creative space.
had a real estate inspection this morning so had spent all day yesterday and this morning cleaning. real estate lady didn't even notice.

so what's planned for the afternoon...?
a spot of strawberry planting?

and maybe some hexying?

yup i think that's just what the doctor ordered.

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ps. do you seeeeeeeeee that little badge up there? yup! i'm blogtoberfesting!!! visit {tinniegirl} to join in the fun :D

pps. no ncb for me tonight... i'm heading to the mister mode night market! hopefully i'll pick up some lovely bargains and see you all next fortnight :D


Mandy said...

Oh are you doing hooky hexies? Great! Love to see them! Nice looking yarn!

Brianna said...

Yea! I can't wait for my hexie blanket.

Kate said...

Strawberry planting and crochet sound like the best way to spend an afternoon ever!