Thursday, September 2, 2010

my creative space.

is a bit secretive today...
i'm making something new, something i've never attempted before, as a little surprise for someone.

it involves very slooooooooow knitting on my behalf, lots of marking off of rows and counting and such. not at all what i'm used to.
i'm just hoping it all works out ok, wish me luck?

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Kelly Ingram said...

Looks interesting..will have to keep checking back to see the finished product :-P Love the blanket in the background!

Snooze said...

good luck .. and if it's anything like the crocheted blanket it'll be fantastic. see you in a couple of weeks with a little stash for you.
My Creative Space

Photography said...

ooooohhh is it one of those sweet fluffy scarfs?? It looks nice so far and nice colour :-)