Sunday, September 5, 2010

flea market finds.

playing along this week for the very first time :D

i did a meeeeeeeeeeean number on the op-shop close to my house thursday looking for a suit for uni.
i found a suit, and a matching vest, and an amazing skirt aaaaaaaaaaaaaand

yup they're amazing! love them to death and just what i need coming into sunshiney spring :D
now i just have to try not to break them in my bag (the fate of the last 3 pairs of sunglasses i've had).

i so so so love op-shopping.

more flea market finds are right here.


Thea said...

They're great. I keep breaking glasses too. It's quite sad.

Unknown said...

thanks so much for playing along! I just love those sunnies! They are gorgeous!!
Sophie x

Snooze said...

you had a great day. the glass are amazing.
My Flea Market Find

nadine paduart said...

quickly, go make yourself a soft glasses case!!! or op shop a vintage one, why don't you?
lovely pair... :)))

Anonymous said...

oh YES they are the bees knees luvverly!!

CurlyPops said...

Well now you need to make yourself a nice padded sunnies case before you accidentally sit on them!

Brianna said...

Sunnies look great darl, I'm grab you a snap closey thing for a glasses case from work tomorrow so you can make a case.