Monday, June 28, 2010

and the winner is...

apologies to anyone who stayed up all night to find out the winner... i was asleep before masterchef even started!
anywho, without further ado, the winner is.......

susan l of it's the things that make you go mmmm and about 3 other blogs...
susan, i'll be getting on to you to grab your details for postage :D

i'd just like to thank everyone who entered this giveaway as well as everyone who comes and has a read every now and then. i get stupidly excited when my blog counter goes up, my boyfriend is more than sick of hearing how many 'views' i've got now.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

giveaway reminder

just a little reminder, my giveaway ends tonight.
if you haven't already entered, you definitely should!!!

on a slightly exciting note, i got word that someone saw my beanies at the beanie fest!
AND i sent off my postcard swap postcard. i'll do a big reveal when i know rikki has gotten it...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space.

my creative space this week is all about the stitched postcard project. i got sent my swap partner on monday this week so guilt set in and i thought i'd better get started!

i have started it, but i haven't done very much. a midweek camping trip has kind of gotten in my way of stitching, it was a little wet and muddy to be stitching such fine and, not to mention, white stitchwork. so that'll be the my job for tonight... well once i unpack the car and do about 18 loads of muddy washing that is...

check out other creative spaces at kirsty's page

ps. my first ever giveaway ends soon! you should enter if you haven't. and tell your friends!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


spotlight were having a sale so naturally i thought i'd go down for a look.
well not just a look to be honest, i did need a couple of things. a ball of wool for my ripple, some bits and bobs for my stitched postcard AND most importantly some buttons for a coat.
one of the buttons had broken off and i knew i wouldn't be able to replace it. so i decided maybe i should replace them all!
i spent a good half an hour looking through all the buttons they had on display, both the ones on the cards and the ones on the tube and nothing was perfect. i gave up looking, a little disheartened. i had a spool of ribbon that i needed to get cut (for my super exciting first ever giveaway! have you entered yet?) so i lined up for the cutting table. alongside the queuing space there were mixed bags of buttons, and in a bag of vintage mixed buttons, i spotted the PERFECT buttons for my jacket. i quickly started fondling all of the bags, trying to count if there were enough of my perfect button inside the bag. and i found one!

$8 for 13 of the most perfect buttons for my jacket and then there's the rest of the bag. i'm dreaming up sooooo many vintage button-y projects right now, there's no stopping my brain!

ps. if you haven't yet, you should enter my giveaway!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

post number 50.

notice anything different?
i'm having a little love affair with blue at the moment. just don't tell green ok? he might get a bit jealous...

so as well as celebrating 50 blog posts (and finishing exam) with a shiny new blog layout (well the start of one... i've still got a bit of tweaking to do...), i have a little present. look, it's all wrapped up.

how about i unwrap it for you? can you guess what it is? no?

i'll unwrap it a little more. now can you guess?

it's a headband!!!
and it could be yours, if the priiiiiiiiiiiiice is rrrrrrrright!
well actually it could be yours if you leave me a little comment.
i've been soooo excited! i'm having my first giveaway!!!

it took me a little while to decide what to make, but then i remembered a little pattern i looked up somewhere close to the start of semester, that i hadn't quite gotten around too. it's been sitting patiently on a tab in my browser, waiting for me to pick up some wool and a hook and get stuck in.
it was a bit of a delight to whip up too! quick and easy, only took me about an hour. well a bit more actually, as i was playing around with the pattern a little. i'm not very good at following patterns you see, i just kind of get the general idea and then make the rest up...

so please feel free to enter! i'll close the entries next sunday night (the 26th of june) at midnight.
one entry for every blog comment (one per person though) and one extra entry for a blog follow too! are they fair rules? this is my first giveaway so i'll see how it goes :D

Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend times...

sooooo everyone, how was your weekend?
personally i spent most of mine studying. i watched 12 lectures. 12, 2-hour lectures. 24 hours of lectures!
and i'm really bad at sitting still, so you know what i did?

i blocked every single hexagon.

and used up all my ripple wool...

and thennnnnnn sewed in all the ends. there were over 150.

then i made a little something special to use up some of this lovely debbie bliss cashmerino, maybe i'll show you next time... because i need to be getting back to the books now.

ps. the next blog post will be my 50th! and i intend to make it big and special considering how i forgot my 'blogiversary'...

pps. don't you love my grape hyacinth? i had no idea they flowered in autumn... in fact i thought they flowered in spring... shows what i know about bulbs huh?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my creative space, post exam edition.

that's right, i had my first exam today. despite predicting last night of my assumed demise (and possible death, i get pretty overdramatic when it comes to exams...) i think i did ok. not good or great, just ok. definitely a pass at the very i headed home on the train (my exams are now being held in the city for some god awful reason) and decided to get my creative on a little to celebrate being one down, three to go.

i had a little bit more of a play in my dresser. blutacked some peacock feathers on the wall to make the boring wall look a bit more interesting. not 100% that i love it yet, i'll see if it grows on me over the next couple of days...
the photo makes it look a bit flat too, they look a bit more vibrant than the picture makes them out to be.

i think this will be my next project. my little jewellery mannequin is absolutely SWAMPED by the amount of jewellery hanging off her little petite frame. might have to invest in some of those adhesive hook thingies.

with me, studying for exams comes with major procrastination from studying for exams. i've watched the first 4 seasons of sex and the city and i've also made an absolute buttload of hexagons. i've made so many in fact, that i've ran out of wool... no more hexagons until after exams now :(

now to begin the mammoth job of blocking them all... at last count i'd made 86 hexagons. i think about 30 of them are blocked. this might take a while... the procrastinatory part of my brain hopes at least until the end of exams.
apologies for the wonkiness of the blocking too. might be explained by that lovely orange drink in the background though. just one drink to relax i swear...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

i'll be stitching up a postcard...

i haven't even started exams yet, but i've almost completely filled my holidays following them...
ice skating, knitting workshop, a camping trip, a girly mid-week getaway aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now... i'm taking part in the great big stitched postcard swap!!!

i've never made a stitched postcard before so i hope my swap partner isn't too disappointed. in fact i'm not entirely sure what a stitched postcard is... i've got some research to do i think...

i also have to figure out how to put the badge thingie on my blog. i am so technological deficient sometimes :|
which is a little ridiculous considering what the boyfriend is studying... i'll get him on the blog case soon. i'm thinking layout change? what do you think?

ps. i finished my last assignment for the semester today, only exams to go now then freeeeeeeeeedom!