Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend times...

sooooo everyone, how was your weekend?
personally i spent most of mine studying. i watched 12 lectures. 12, 2-hour lectures. 24 hours of lectures!
and i'm really bad at sitting still, so you know what i did?

i blocked every single hexagon.

and used up all my ripple wool...

and thennnnnnn sewed in all the ends. there were over 150.

then i made a little something special to use up some of this lovely debbie bliss cashmerino, maybe i'll show you next time... because i need to be getting back to the books now.

ps. the next blog post will be my 50th! and i intend to make it big and special considering how i forgot my 'blogiversary'...

pps. don't you love my grape hyacinth? i had no idea they flowered in autumn... in fact i thought they flowered in spring... shows what i know about bulbs huh?


Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Hi Nicole,
Are you able to contact me ASAP?

Anonymous said...

you are amazing!!!