Thursday, June 10, 2010

my creative space, post exam edition.

that's right, i had my first exam today. despite predicting last night of my assumed demise (and possible death, i get pretty overdramatic when it comes to exams...) i think i did ok. not good or great, just ok. definitely a pass at the very i headed home on the train (my exams are now being held in the city for some god awful reason) and decided to get my creative on a little to celebrate being one down, three to go.

i had a little bit more of a play in my dresser. blutacked some peacock feathers on the wall to make the boring wall look a bit more interesting. not 100% that i love it yet, i'll see if it grows on me over the next couple of days...
the photo makes it look a bit flat too, they look a bit more vibrant than the picture makes them out to be.

i think this will be my next project. my little jewellery mannequin is absolutely SWAMPED by the amount of jewellery hanging off her little petite frame. might have to invest in some of those adhesive hook thingies.

with me, studying for exams comes with major procrastination from studying for exams. i've watched the first 4 seasons of sex and the city and i've also made an absolute buttload of hexagons. i've made so many in fact, that i've ran out of wool... no more hexagons until after exams now :(

now to begin the mammoth job of blocking them all... at last count i'd made 86 hexagons. i think about 30 of them are blocked. this might take a while... the procrastinatory part of my brain hopes at least until the end of exams.
apologies for the wonkiness of the blocking too. might be explained by that lovely orange drink in the background though. just one drink to relax i swear...

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Brianna said...

Yea!!! One down! We will have to go for a trip to get more wool after you finish. Spent Wednesday sleeping and getting a chest x-ray so hopefully nothing to wrong with me. Speak to you soon.

Steph said...

Oh I remember that procrastination! You know you shouldn't but you just can't help it. Best of luck with your exams and your hexagons are fab :)