Thursday, June 30, 2011

my creative space.

if you go into the bedroom today, you're sure of a big surprise.
if you go into the bedroom today, you probably won't believe your eyes.

for everywhere, all over this spread
there's wool galore all over the bed

for today's the day that nicole goes through her wool stash!

yup that's right, i'm spending a bit of time today, going through my wool stash, trying to coordinate some kind of unisex combination of wools to create something special. last time i knew i could use pinks so i went a bit crazy but this time, well it'll be a bit more of a challenge for me that's for sure!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

getting things done.

after spending last thursday working on getting a few things done, i did get some of those things completed.
my work on peter is done for the moment. i'm just waiting for a new baby to come along, with a nice new name and a date of birth, waiting very excitedly actually!
the present for baby number two has been planned, deconstructed and planned again. i'll probably be raiding my stash tomorrow for a more concise idea tomorrow...

and the wedding present, well i managed to finish that one off too, the morning of the wedding. i was really stressed about getting a nice finish on the box, i didn't want it to look tacky and horrible, which i thought would be hard when covering it with paper...

however i think i was a bit inspired by all the talk of quilting and binding that goes on twitter and such (@coleyann if you tweet, be warned, i tweet a LOT), and bound my box with some sweet ribbon i bought from the little crafty place near me.
the colours probably aren't perfect but i like it, and that's what counts right? (errrrrrrrrrrrr....?)
anywho, would you like to see what was inside?

packets of seeds! the bride and i had had a conversation in the past about how the lovely couple wanted to have a vegie garden together post-wedding. hopefully this gets them started :D
oh, and the ceremony? so gorgeous! not that it would be hard when you start with two such gorgeous people!
congratulations ben and jess! i hope the rest of your lives together are as beautiful and fun as your big day was!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

our creative space.

today i'll be putting the finishing touches on peter for baby number one. as tempted as i was to send him home with brianna for her to finish off (she's much better at this embroidery thing...) i thought i should do the honour.

i'll also be planning out a present for baby number two! another blankie i think, but with some quilting as well as wooly bits! will share more when it's a bit more planned :D

i've also got a wedding present on the go. trying to make it a bit special and personal so it might put a smile on the bride and grooms face.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

our creative space.

today, much like last week, i'm working on a bit of stitching. i'm a bit further into the pattern than last week though...

what are you up to today?
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

flood relief blankie ta-da!

it's done! it is alllllll done!
i finished the last part of the border on monday night but haven't had a chance to get it photographed til today! it's very hard to get nice lighting when you come home from work and it's dark!

even so, not the greatest photo, i didn't have anywhere big enough to lay it out nicely!

so here's a prettier one... bit more deja vu happening. i'm not so creative with my photo taking am i? (to be honest i just wanted an excuse to sprawl out on this lovely creation. the boyfriend is begging me not to send it!)

i can't believe how vibrant the colours are! they would definitely not be in my safe choices! love your thinking outside the box lea!

thought i'd show off my edging too, after working the entire blankie in double crochet, i decided to do a row of single crochet in each colour to finish everything off nicely.
so tomorrow, this gorgeous little thing will be winging it's way to lea, in sydney.
i started it on shrove tuesday (8th of march) and finished it up on monday so just under 14 weeks, not a bad effort i think!

i hope you love it as much as i loved making it for you lea!
i do love making a good crochet blankie... maybe now i'll finish up my ripple... then again...

see you tomorrow for some creativity in this space, and maybe tomorrow night too...

Monday, June 13, 2011

so very close....

after being so close to being finished lea's blankie on thursday, i thought i'd be here with a ta-da, i'm finished post but gosh this edge is taking a lot longer than i first anticipated!

but here i am, on the very edge of the edge. it can't be too much longer surely!

have you enjoyed your weekend? was it a long one? i enjoyed a very leisurely day off from work today. thank you dear queen for being born and such ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

our creative space.

bit of deja vu happening here... everything is looking a bit the same as a month or so ago, except now, i'm on the home stretch (and the lighting isn't quite as bright...)

hooking up the last few rows and then there's just the edge to go! guess i better start saving up my pennies to send this baby up to sydney, it's getting quite heavy!

i also made a start on one of the baby presents i've been banging on about needing to make!

it's a cross stitch using a counted pattern for a cousin's (almost born) baby! hoping i can get it to near completion before the little babe is born so that all i need to do is stitch in a name and birth date. fingers crossed!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

shopping madness.

first stop on my planned shopping trip on saturday was lark! both for the warehouse sale they were having and to have a bit of a sticky at their newly renovated shop!

i found lots of things i liked the look of (and the price of) in the warehouse sale!
like this red spotty biscuit tin and matching oven mitt...

and these bits and bobs too! a cath kidston 'kerchief, some colourful tape and some cute as a button buttons! i especially like the i <3 to knit one. so appropriate! i did buy one more thing at the sample sale as a gift for someone, but she'll have to wait til tomorrow to see!

i popped into the lark store just for a quick look but didn't leave there empty handed either... some empty seed packets! so cute and i have a special project in mind for them too...

having seen all there was to see at lark, we toddled down to the makers market. so many beautiful handmade items! i could've spent a fortune! i limited myself though to this delicious packet of brownie ends (i couldn't decide on a single flavour and this bag has ALL of them!) and a make-your-own finger puppet book for my cousin.

then it was off to the farmers market, lots of fresh and delicious produce and products. we left with some scrumptious bread, flavoured oils, cheeses and i scored some of this....

similar taste to a cider but much bubblier and a bit drier. i'll save this one for a special occasion i think :D

hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a weekend in the hills.

as i mentioned earlier, i headed off this past weekend to the daylesford area with some of my girly relatives for a girl's weekend away and i thought i'd share some pictures with you of the place we stayed.
the accommodation was called linga longa, and we stayed in one of the larger country houses. the house was just beautiful! a really gorgeous old house, kitted out with beautiful furniture, kitsch and retro artworks and little personal knick-nacks all over the place.
the most important thing i found though was that it was beautifully warm! although it is a very old building, it's been fitted with modern amenities such as ducted heating, electric blankets and a gas log fire (as well as the open fireplace which my mum revelled in lighting). the beds were also super comfy and the showers and spa were beautiful and new!
it was also very affordable! i would most definitely recommend it :D
now for the photos ha ha!

i shall be back tomorrow to share all of my purchases from here and here and here!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

our creative space

yesterday i was ALL about the beanies. it was beanie central! i had to finish a couple off and then write up tags for them all and then attach the damn things (not a lot of fun...)
would you like to see what's winging it's way to alice springs as we speak?

these 6 were all made from the same type of wool, moda vera tammy. it's a wool that has about 6 different yarn types within a ball with a single colour palette which makes for some pretty interesting beanies! the one in the bottom right corner is made of leftovers from the other beanies. two of these ones were knitting in the round which i now LOVE. i am quite lazy so the thought of sewing up the seams on straight knitted ones is a little much...

these two i actually sent away last year (there's that laziness again...), but they unfortunately didn't sell and i got them back. instead of just sending them again, i gave them a bit of a jazz up. in truth, i had a whole year to do this and it took me til yesterday to 'get around' to it. procrastination queen.

and this one, well this one is a bit special. this is the test knit i did for lisa. the pattern is called terzetto, which i believe is spanish for triangles. completely appropriate name as the entire pattern is made up of triangles!

lisa is set to release the pattern in the next few days and i would definitely recommend it! it was quick and easy to knit up and the instructions were beautifully clear and succinct! i struggled with the decreasing on the dpns at the end but that is because i am completely inept! i looked so awkward with the damned things, i thought i was going to injure myself! i got the hang of them though and it left a lovely finish! i'm really glad i bought myself two balls of the wool so i can make myself one!

unfortunately i only managed 9 beanies this year, the 10th is still in this state. not quite ready for alice springs this year. next year definitely though!

now i'm off to work unfortunately so not much creating for me today, maybe a little tired crochet once i get home and make and eat dinner!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


today is the first of june but where on earth did may go? feels like just yesterday i was writing my may post :S i have this crazy feeling this is the way the entire year will go!
well looking back on may, i did get my beanies done, and the test knit, well i almost did, i sent them off this afternoon! will have a proper show and tell tomorrow.

i also got my cushion done! well maybe only one, i still have lyndel's to do (don't worry, it's coming!). and yeah, that was about it for may on the crafty front...

so what does that mean for june? well i intend to finish off lea's blankie . it's almost done and i'll be taking it away with me this weekend! i'm heading off to daylesford with my lovely aunties and female cousins, a proper girly weekend away! in a complete coincidence, it happens to fall on the same weekend as the makers market and the lark sample sale! i'm very excited!
when i get back i'll definitely be getting down to those baby gifts i wanted to get started on last month, one is due VERY soon so i definitely need to get my butt into gear!
i also want to get my ripple done, FINALLY! it's been living on our bed recently as it's been so darn cold and we've had to be very careful not to wriggle too much and unravel it!
i'd also like to do some decluttering! there's little pockets forming everywhere and it's driving me to distraction!

what are your plans for june?