Wednesday, June 29, 2011

getting things done.

after spending last thursday working on getting a few things done, i did get some of those things completed.
my work on peter is done for the moment. i'm just waiting for a new baby to come along, with a nice new name and a date of birth, waiting very excitedly actually!
the present for baby number two has been planned, deconstructed and planned again. i'll probably be raiding my stash tomorrow for a more concise idea tomorrow...

and the wedding present, well i managed to finish that one off too, the morning of the wedding. i was really stressed about getting a nice finish on the box, i didn't want it to look tacky and horrible, which i thought would be hard when covering it with paper...

however i think i was a bit inspired by all the talk of quilting and binding that goes on twitter and such (@coleyann if you tweet, be warned, i tweet a LOT), and bound my box with some sweet ribbon i bought from the little crafty place near me.
the colours probably aren't perfect but i like it, and that's what counts right? (errrrrrrrrrrrr....?)
anywho, would you like to see what was inside?

packets of seeds! the bride and i had had a conversation in the past about how the lovely couple wanted to have a vegie garden together post-wedding. hopefully this gets them started :D
oh, and the ceremony? so gorgeous! not that it would be hard when you start with two such gorgeous people!
congratulations ben and jess! i hope the rest of your lives together are as beautiful and fun as your big day was!


Lyndel said...

oh that box is gorgeous... and what a great present!! well thought out.

Cathie said...

i love that present Nicole! very thoughtful. I am planning on doing that for kids party favours so the kids get to take seeds home & hopefully plant them ♥