Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bdo preparations.

it started with a hat. a hat full of lovely things, well just ribbon and some cotton quilting material actually...the ribbon was for the hat, so it would match my shoes, and the material? for a bag.

i started with the handle as i figured that would be the most gruelling part (especially after working 11 hours today and getting home at a quarter to ten!)
it proved to be just that. i think i made it a little thin, meaning it was an ABSOLUTE pain in the butt to turn in the right way... after about an hour i had it done though.

then i worked out my pattern, i wasn't really sure what i was doing and was kinda just working off the cuff...

then came the pressing. i'd forgotten how finicky sewing is.
"don't sew anything unless it's been pressed."
i kept hearing laments from my great aunt from when she helped me make my deb dress.

sew, sew, sew. stitch, stitch, stitch. the seams were almost too thick for my little machine to handle. i coaxed her on though, we got through it.

tying up all the loose threads. another great aunt lament.
"i'll charge you 20 cents for each one you don't tie off and trim."

after working out how exactly to attach the handle (i put slits in the back and sewed them in, back and forth and back and forth, on the machine), it was done! and look it fits all my stuff...

i found a nice little brooch to fasten it together too. not too bad for an up-til-midnight, night before job. much, much better than my attempt for chill island music festival, which was a complete mess and eyesore. this one's different, i think i can be proud of this one.
now off to bed to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hope after a massacre.

my, my jasmine, you do look sad. wilty, like you need water. but it's been raining for most of the week, how could you possibly be thirsty.

oh now i see, you're not thirsty, you've just been completely severed approximately 10 cm from the ground by the utterly careless lawnmower man. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
seriously cannot explain my anger and sadness right now. i've had this little plant since before i moved out of home and it's travelled with me from place to place. it survived hot summers on a concrete 1m square balcony on punt road. and survived being knocked over again and again and again by the wind on the patio in narre warre. and now in the quiet suburbia of blackburn it's been destroyed.
soooooooooooooooo irritating as it was looking MAGNIFICENT and was obviously loving being in the ground after being in a pot for so many year.

but there's hope. of all these little cuttings, surely at least 1 will sprout?

and there's always the little stick the lovely lawnmower man has left me. my neighbour assures me that jasmine is a hardy sucker and it will most definitely grow back.
here's hoping...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hair cut.



poor little maiden was in dire need of a trimming. so much shaggy, shaggy, completely dead and dry growth.
i was trying to rationalize keeping it on but seeing as she lives in my bathroom, she can afford to be nude. hopefully she'll get nice and lush again like she was when i bought her and before i decided it might be nice to have her on my sunny, sunny windowsill.


falls festival 09/10. it was the first time we'd been to falls. and the first time we'd been on a holiday together. excitement plus.

i got really excited every time i saw one of these signs.
"look, look there's another one. WE'RE GOING THE RIGHT WAY!"

we got in ok. didn't have to wait too long in a car queue and despite the warnings didn't get our entire car searched. i clearly could've brought in heaps of alcohol! we were good and didn't risk it though. i didn't particularly want to get all the way to marion bay and then be turned around. it WAS the only reason we really went to tassie after all...

after setting up our tent we went and got our wristbands which MATCHED my nailpolish! THIS was something to be excited about! no not really, but small things entertain me.

i got my shoes ready for jumping around in a crowd of people. didn't want to be losing any shoes thank you.

when these guys came on, i went mental. i love me some philly j's. they played the good news and don't want to party last at which point THEY went mental. the roadies literally took apart the drummers kit as he was still playing because they literally would not leave that stage. it was amazing!!!

miss sarah blasko was quite lovely to listen to.
we lay down under a tree and listened to her blissful tunes. look how amazing that view is!

after a bit of a snooze under said tree, some exploration yielded the toilets. of the composting variety. do your business and throw in a cupful of sawdust.
fyi. sawdust in your undies or pants is NOT comfortable. take care when sitting down!

this was the view from our tent. just magnificent.

an absolute sea of tents and cars! there were so many people even for a festival in tasmania.

when night fell, wolfmother came out to play. they were awesome to listen to but reacted with and to the audience almost zero.

emiliana torrini was by far the most amazing! she was simply beautiful! and soooooo cute. some people in the front had a sign saying marry us emiliana and she went and got her polaroid camera and took a photo of them.

and her band was cool too. this drummer was playing a cymbal with a bow. it sounded really cool!

and so the sun set on 2009. yup that's a storm on the horizon. one last storm for 2009. and it was a spectacular storm!
we packed up all our stuff in the car that we didn't want to get wet and sat in the back seat of the car watching the amazing light show. i've never seen a storm like it. needless to say i didn't take many photos of the night. though we did venture out before midnight, caught some yeah yeah yeahs and the countdown before grabbing some yummy festival food and heading back to our tent to snuggle down for the first time for the new year.

bye falls! see you next year? hopefully but we'll have to wait and see if the old credit card's recovered from this one yet.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, 8 days late.

so i'm a little late with this post, but forgive me? i've been on holidays. and those adventures will be shared sunday most likely (back to work tomorrow *sigh*)

but new year!
fresh and clean slate!

a to-do list of all the creative type stuff i would like to get done (yup, i love to-do lists, they're amazing. something my father-in-law likes to hold against me by writing write more lists at the end of all my to-do lists)
* fill and plant out the 2 remaining planter boxes
* plant out the big planter box that's full of dirt but not of life.
* paint some canvasses up, my walls are tooooooo plain!
* do something amazing with my dresser, it's boring as hell currently.
* make beanies! 10 this year.
* finish big blankie. he's as long as my thigh now. i can comfortably cover my lap while crocheting, pity it's summer and that's the last thing i need!
* get some stuff made to whack in an etsy shop. i've been planning in my mind for a few months now, just need the time.
* play my damn guitar! it's been sitting next to my couch since i moved in, it's actually in the garage at the moment i think.
* organise the garage so it's actually semi-functional.
* write some lovely little poems. i have a devilish idea for these...
* two words, window boxes. this'll be another ask dad to help/make everything for me jobbie i think.
* make a cover for our futon. it's pretty skanky at the moment. i should really do this one in the next week...
* make myself some clothes from scratch. well patterns, but still, not store bought.

ok so that's about it. i'll try and cross stuff off as i go though i'll probably forget. should keep me busy for a while, you think?

holiday photos sunday k? i need to sort through them, maybe i'll do them in more than one post coz there's about 300. they're not all great, there's about 50 of peacocks. my other half's a bit snap happy sometimes...