Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bdo preparations.

it started with a hat. a hat full of lovely things, well just ribbon and some cotton quilting material actually...the ribbon was for the hat, so it would match my shoes, and the material? for a bag.

i started with the handle as i figured that would be the most gruelling part (especially after working 11 hours today and getting home at a quarter to ten!)
it proved to be just that. i think i made it a little thin, meaning it was an ABSOLUTE pain in the butt to turn in the right way... after about an hour i had it done though.

then i worked out my pattern, i wasn't really sure what i was doing and was kinda just working off the cuff...

then came the pressing. i'd forgotten how finicky sewing is.
"don't sew anything unless it's been pressed."
i kept hearing laments from my great aunt from when she helped me make my deb dress.

sew, sew, sew. stitch, stitch, stitch. the seams were almost too thick for my little machine to handle. i coaxed her on though, we got through it.

tying up all the loose threads. another great aunt lament.
"i'll charge you 20 cents for each one you don't tie off and trim."

after working out how exactly to attach the handle (i put slits in the back and sewed them in, back and forth and back and forth, on the machine), it was done! and look it fits all my stuff...

i found a nice little brooch to fasten it together too. not too bad for an up-til-midnight, night before job. much, much better than my attempt for chill island music festival, which was a complete mess and eyesore. this one's different, i think i can be proud of this one.
now off to bed to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

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Brianna said...

Looks great! Can't believe you stayed up this late to make it and then posted as well. Have a great day and hopefully you aren't too tired