Wednesday, April 27, 2011

have you seen this bag?

i know i'm pretty slow to get on this, but you know, keeping awareness going.
definitely have my fingers crossed that this gorgeous creation ends up back where it belongs!

also, did you see my giveaway yesterday?

i'm off to check ebay to make sure i can't find a red handmade bag with an ink and spindle flap and vintage buttons.
hope your wednesday is treating you well!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter diy.

apparently (well according to bunnings ads...), the easter long weekend is a fantastic time to get some of those diy projects done that you've been putting off.
i think it might have been the (not so subliminal) advertising at work but last night i decided to get in on some of this diy action. i thought i'd make a start on something i've been putting off since we pretty much moved in... the bathroom cabinet (warning: gruesome picture)

yes, that is duct tape. and mold. and some very tacky wallpaper with clear contact over the top.
needless to say it was a NIGHTMARE to strip back. but i got it done. and then i sanded it all and cleaned it! it was a particularly productive night last night... probably would have gotten it all done too, if k-mart still stocked house paint.
in any case, i waited til bunnings was open today and bought some paint and ta-da!

the first coat is done! looks much better in my books. one or two more coats and i'll be able to put everything back in where it belongs (and out of the box in my bedroom...)
the next challenge will be to pretty up the front of the mirror...

yes, more duct tape. by the end of this i think i'll be ready to throttle the person who decided duct tape was a good framing solution. actually i think i'm already there...

i'm off to trawl ravelry for a cushion pattern, to knit or crochet, that is the question?
are you joining in with vic's cushion swap?

sign up is closed now and we've all been sent the address and blog address of the person we're sending our cushion to, i think i might have a bit of a browse of my cushion receiver so i can (hopefully) make one she'll like!

and you know what? because this is my 200th blog post, i'll make you one of you one too!
leave a comment on this post and i'll draw a winner this sunday (1/5) at 8pm. just one comment per person please!
so even if you missed out on the cushion swap sign up, you could still get a cushion!

Monday, April 25, 2011

a learning experience.

over the weekend, bb and i went on a little road trip. well to be honest, it wasn't so little.
my uncle was having a 50th birthday party in his home town of berrigan, about 60 km's over the nsw border.
roadtrips involve different activities for different people, i-spy, sing-a-longs, maybe reading, but for me, it's all about the car crafts! i did contemplate taking lea's blankie along, but i think it's really getting a bit big to be travelling around all over the countryside (yup, i think it'll be staying home for ncb this week), so i needed to take something a bit more portable.
i decided on making a start on another beanie for the festival, but instead knitting up on straight needles, i though i'd give these a crack!

i'd never used circular needles before, let alone knit in the round so it was a daunting experience!
we had to make a quick stop into spotlight on the way (lara was SO right, shepparton spotlight is great!) as i had the incorrect length of plastic in my circular needles, but after that, i was loving it! a beanie with no seam! a dream!

this is how much i managed to get done on our travels (we took driving in turns). it's well on it's way to being a fully fledged beanie! can't wait to get stuck back into it on wednesday

Sunday, April 24, 2011

flea market finds!

happy easter sunday all!
hope you're all having a wonderful morning and you haven't eaten too much chocolate!
i have a find to share this week, and it may cause you to experience a little deja vu...
whilst having a quick oppie browse in my lunch break, i found something that looked a little familiar to me... a suitcase virtually identical to the one i found a while ago...
after a quick shout out on twitter, my friend heidi asked me to have a second look at it for her, and as it was in perfect condition and at a fair price, i snapped it up for her.

i'm still looking after it for her at the moment, but as you can see, it's getting along with it's twin swimmingly, even if it is slightly bigger!

pop over to sophie's for more flea market finds.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

last weekend...

was a very special one indeed.
it started off with me working all day saturday and then going for a lovely drive on sunday with bb to geelong and then ended on monday with me (and a lot of my uni friends) receiving a degree!
monday was graduation day!
i thought i'd share some pictures from the day...

watching the moon rise over corio bay on sunday night.

an easter display in a shop window. yes those bunnies are covered in fake lawn. i LOVE them.

a car wrapped in toilet paper.

accepting my degree.

post ceremony, with my uni friend, ruchanee. her lovely sister jane took the two pictures i've posted from the graduation day.
also, i'm very smiley as i got to wear my favourite shoes!

i now have a feeling of being old, a very large hecs debt and a very expensive wall decoration!
loved every second of the last 3 years though! oh and i can now put "B Biomed Sci" after my name. fancy shmancy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

why hello!

hi! i'm still here if you were wondering...
i've been feeling a bit absent of late. my buggy computer has meant that making blog comments or posting blogs (or even writing tweets) from it to be absolutely impossible! i found out that it's not full of viruses as i was suspecting, but in fact that the logic board is cactus! well perhaps not completely gone yet, but certainly on it's way out. in any case, no typey typing on it!

this means i have to use BB's big computer which to be honest i'm a little terrified of. it has windows 7 which i have no clue how to use and it does strange things and makes strange noises and i can't really get it to do what i want without a lot of huffing and puffing and such. these computer malfunctions, coupled with many many work hours and trying to catch up with everyone mean not many blog posts ha ha!
now look at me having a big whinge, it's good friday!
are you having a good and relaxing day?
i most certainly am! i love that there's no where to be, as no where is open!
a relaxing day is a very nice idea after a busy week :D
i started my week in geelong (maybe i'll share more about that tomorrow...) and have been busy working and crocheting and sharing meals and drinks with friends and family!

a little crochet update for you?
i've been working hard (yet inconsistently) on lea's blankie.

it's coming along don't you think? i do so like to measure blankies against my bed :D
and in case youw ere wondering, that lovely wool crochet-y close up further up the post, is lea's blankie too! i'm loving the colours, they're so much bolder than anything i'd ever put together!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my creative space.

is once again (and always really) with a crochet hook in hand.
putting row number 116 on lea's blankie, and well probably rows 117 and beyond too...

well when i get home from work that is...
starting a new job, while still working the old one, hasn't left much time for blogging or crafting (or house cleaning either really), so my apologies for the much delayed blog post and same old craftiness too. the good news (well depending who you ask) is that i finish up my old job just before easter, so i'll hopefully be able to have a bit more of a life, both online and offline. can't wait!
more creative spaces over with kirsty.