Saturday, April 23, 2011

last weekend...

was a very special one indeed.
it started off with me working all day saturday and then going for a lovely drive on sunday with bb to geelong and then ended on monday with me (and a lot of my uni friends) receiving a degree!
monday was graduation day!
i thought i'd share some pictures from the day...

watching the moon rise over corio bay on sunday night.

an easter display in a shop window. yes those bunnies are covered in fake lawn. i LOVE them.

a car wrapped in toilet paper.

accepting my degree.

post ceremony, with my uni friend, ruchanee. her lovely sister jane took the two pictures i've posted from the graduation day.
also, i'm very smiley as i got to wear my favourite shoes!

i now have a feeling of being old, a very large hecs debt and a very expensive wall decoration!
loved every second of the last 3 years though! oh and i can now put "B Biomed Sci" after my name. fancy shmancy!


Lyndel said...

oh Nicole♥♥♥ congratulations, how very wonderful.

Cathie said...

fancy schmancy Nicole! congrats to you...yay!!
have an awesome easter long weekend ♥

RobynLouise said...

Big YAY! Congratulations! Lol, now you'll have to hunt up the right sized frame and decorate it (after 3 years work you should gild it!) and find a special place on the wall to hang it. Hope your having a tremendous weekend!!