Monday, April 25, 2011

a learning experience.

over the weekend, bb and i went on a little road trip. well to be honest, it wasn't so little.
my uncle was having a 50th birthday party in his home town of berrigan, about 60 km's over the nsw border.
roadtrips involve different activities for different people, i-spy, sing-a-longs, maybe reading, but for me, it's all about the car crafts! i did contemplate taking lea's blankie along, but i think it's really getting a bit big to be travelling around all over the countryside (yup, i think it'll be staying home for ncb this week), so i needed to take something a bit more portable.
i decided on making a start on another beanie for the festival, but instead knitting up on straight needles, i though i'd give these a crack!

i'd never used circular needles before, let alone knit in the round so it was a daunting experience!
we had to make a quick stop into spotlight on the way (lara was SO right, shepparton spotlight is great!) as i had the incorrect length of plastic in my circular needles, but after that, i was loving it! a beanie with no seam! a dream!

this is how much i managed to get done on our travels (we took driving in turns). it's well on it's way to being a fully fledged beanie! can't wait to get stuck back into it on wednesday

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Unknown said...

Love a bit of car craft!! I'm often found in the passenger seat with a needle and thread :) Look forward to seeing your beanie