Thursday, April 21, 2011

why hello!

hi! i'm still here if you were wondering...
i've been feeling a bit absent of late. my buggy computer has meant that making blog comments or posting blogs (or even writing tweets) from it to be absolutely impossible! i found out that it's not full of viruses as i was suspecting, but in fact that the logic board is cactus! well perhaps not completely gone yet, but certainly on it's way out. in any case, no typey typing on it!

this means i have to use BB's big computer which to be honest i'm a little terrified of. it has windows 7 which i have no clue how to use and it does strange things and makes strange noises and i can't really get it to do what i want without a lot of huffing and puffing and such. these computer malfunctions, coupled with many many work hours and trying to catch up with everyone mean not many blog posts ha ha!
now look at me having a big whinge, it's good friday!
are you having a good and relaxing day?
i most certainly am! i love that there's no where to be, as no where is open!
a relaxing day is a very nice idea after a busy week :D
i started my week in geelong (maybe i'll share more about that tomorrow...) and have been busy working and crocheting and sharing meals and drinks with friends and family!

a little crochet update for you?
i've been working hard (yet inconsistently) on lea's blankie.

it's coming along don't you think? i do so like to measure blankies against my bed :D
and in case youw ere wondering, that lovely wool crochet-y close up further up the post, is lea's blankie too! i'm loving the colours, they're so much bolder than anything i'd ever put together!

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