Monday, December 31, 2012


new year's eve.
what a perfect time to reflect on the past year...

i made a list, and then when i turned 24, i made another.
i planned meals, well we did, bb helped :D
i started a makeover and opened a shop.
adopted a friend and decided to pay it forward
i grew and hooked and knitted and cooked.

i felt like it was a pretty great year!

tonight, i'm having a couple of quiet drinks with bb.
ringing in the new year in quiet and slow comfort (the perfect antidote to a busy christmas and stressful working period since!)

oh, and i'm rocking that glittery mani above. sparkles and camo green. be still my beating heart :D

what are you up to tonight? hope you're staying safe and happy! xo

Monday, December 24, 2012

'twas the night before christmas

and the house is actually fairly quiet. not much stirring happening over here.
both bb and i are collapsed in separate rooms!

almost all of the giant, looming to-do list from yesterday is complete!
our house is looking very christmassy!

oh, and in between typing, i'm crocheting the final two squares onto my bamcal blankie!
it won't get finished tonight and be under the tree by tomorrow as i've almost run out of wool and this is a blankie that definitely needs an edge. i'm ok with it though, all the hard work on it is pretty well done :D

oh and the BEST news!?! bb is currently wearing his new pj pants! they fit! and whats more, he likes them!
yesterday, i dragged him to spotlight for some gingham to make a tablecloth with, and he pointed out the fabric i'd used, and said it was cool! excellent!
he did however, just find a pin in them... oops!

hope yours is a very merry christmas tomorrow, filled with happy, fun-filled times!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

christmas madness.

well there's just two more days until christmas... how are all of your christmas plans going?
i've made a little headway, but there's still a ways to go!

i got the kris kringle presents done i wanted to...

this was for my co-worker, and i managed to finish up the one for ncb too.
i can't share that one though as it's still waiting under my tree. i STUPIDLY left it sitting there when i headed off to the ncb christmas night! luckily, lyndel did the same thing!
we'll swap sometime soon :D

i've also made bb a little present too, these are now wrapped and under the tree!

i got my softie for mirabel done too!

i have this feeling it won't get to anyone by christmas though :(

my plans for the rest of the afternoon include finishing the last bamcal square (there are still 8 to be joined to the blanket, and the edge to do, don't think that'll be done before christmas!!), making christmas bon-bons, making a bauble garland (inspired by this clever clogs), hemming the edges of some red gingham i bought today for a christmas table cloth and then, maybe, i'll make a christmas tree skirt...

oh and in between, i'll do my 5th load of washing for the day and maybe clean the toilet.

ok i'm exhausted just reading back over that list!

how are your christmas preparationg going? is your list still a mile long?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

some sneaky sewing.

yesterday, i had a few hours between bb leaving for work, and me starting work, so i quickly raced out and got some supplies from spotty and got to some sneaky santa sewing!

i followed the "no p's" rule...
no pattern
no pressing
no pinning
no plucking idea!

surprisingly, they turned out ok!
the big test will be on christmas day... hopefully they fit!
though i would not be at all surprised if they don't. there's very little shaping in there and bb (like most humans) doesn't have a flat bum!!

hope your christmas plans are coming along swimmingly!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


after writing a goals post, at the start of every month, for the entire year, i wasn't quite ready to write one for december until now.
as soon as december started to come close, my brain started filling up with all of the should do's instead of the want to do's and it all got a little bit overwhelming!

now that i've taken a few days to think it through, and to visualise what i want to achieve for christmas, the goals list for the month is feeling a LOT more achievable!

my major goals for the month, is to finish off my bamcal blankie! i've just got december's blocks to do, and then the last of them need to be joined and then i can work on the EDGE! yay!

i'd also love to get some homemade christmas things happening.
i'd love to sew bb and myself some new pyjama pants, and to make a skirt for our tree!
this lady has also inspired me with this! i've got a few things to get off my needles first though!

i've also got a couple of secret santa projects to get finished, one (for work) is nearly done, but the other (for ncb) is barely started! i'd best get a wriggle on!

what are your december plans? achievable? or out of control?