Monday, May 23, 2011

cushion misadventures.

on saturday night, after a long day at work, i FINALLY had enough length on my cushion cover to cast off and sew it together. it was a truly exiting moment, this knitted creation i'd been working on for what seemed like an eternity, would finally resemble what it was meant to!
well that was until i actually got down to sewing it together that is... what a nightmare! it was not how i wanted it to turn out at all! it looked truly heinous and was NOT something i wanted to send to anyone! my dream of this turned into this...

what a nightmare! so i did what any other person in my position would do... had a whinge on twitter, stalked around the house muttering to myself like a crazy person, flopping down on the bed in an exasperated fashion and burying my head under a pillow or two.
after a few deep breaths, i calmed myself enough to think logically and came up with the genius idea to have a lurk of my swap partners blog and that was where inspiration hit!

inspired by her blog, a machine embroidered birdcage motif cushion cover (sans bird, no putting birds on anything here thank you!).
i do hope you like it kirrily! just don't look too closely at the embroidery and construction ok?

i'm off to the post office now, via the deli and the card shop for some lovely goodies to pop in with it!
big thanks to vic for organising everything and making sure that everyone is on track and therefore no one misses out! amazing work!
there's also a page for all the completed cushions here if you want to look at everyones creations!

also, if you've not got much planned tonight and you're in the eastern suburbs (or you like to travel), tonight is the first night of SAY (stitch and yarn), organised by the lovely karen. i'm going to bake some lovely biscuits to take along once i get back from my posting adventures. might see you there!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

flea market finds.

this week (well actually last week), i found this cute little perfume atomiser.
again it's not actually vintage, but i'm quite happy about that! this way it doesn't smell of someone else's perfume, i can make it my very own! i'm also very happy because i've been lusting after one for ages, well one that didn't come with this in it...

plenty more flea market finds with sophie.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

checking the mailbox.

i love to check the mailbox, especially when things like this can be found in there!
i quite literally started jumping up and down when i could see this large package in my mailbox, i knew exactly what was in it too...

a cushion cover! made especially for me by the lovely miriam! i shoved a cushion in it quick sticks and gave it a big hug! my word, it's VERY soft and cuddly! thanks so much miriam! i LOVE it!
i've popped it on my armchair, where i sit and do most of my knitting and crochet so it'll get sooooooooooo much use!

miriam also popped a little something extra in, this gorgeous concertina book! it looks like it's made from an old story book cover and the paper inside is DIVINE! i'll have to think of something very special to put inside!
thanks again miriam!

now i'd best be off, i've still got a cushion cover to finish and send away myself!
happy hump day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

flea market finds.

i actually found this one a while ago and had forgotten alllllll about it until i was rummaging around in my cupboard trying to get organised on thursday!
in fact i think i found it the same day i found these, which i also forgot about for a while (definitely need to start keeping a diary again...)
in any case, this lovely specimen, isn't actually vintage as it still had the retail sticker in perfect condition on the bottom. however with such a cute pattern and at such a nice price ($4 from memory...) i couldn't let it go. not to mention the other tea pots i own are tiny in comparison!

plenty more flea market finds with sophie.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

and we're back.

you know how when you can't do something, you want to do it all the more? that's what i was like yesterday! knowing that i couldn't blog meant that i had about 5 blog posts running around in my head, dying to come out! such is the way of human existence i suppose! anywho, on to the good stuff!

i've been working my little fingers off to desperately try and get lea's blankie all finished and done with and i'm getting pretty excited as it's getting quite close! would you like a look?

i wanted to take the picture measured on the bed, but there was someone in it! in any case, it's the perfect length for me at the moment, i can crochet onto it and it stretches all the way down my legs and over my toes, keeping me nice and toasty.
i think i'm going to try and get at least another 20 rows on it and then start on the edge. very excited to have the end in sight on this project as i have lots more to do this month!

like a cushion! the deadline is creeping up fast and i feel a bit like i'm getting nowhere! can't believe how many people are already finished!

i think i'm almost halfway to having the cushion cover proper done, then i need to crochet for it too! lots of work to go still, and some learning too. i think i'm going to try some buttonholes! figured that would be a good way to keep a cushion insert in (and an excuse to buy/destash some buttons...)

hope your weekend is going well!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a goodbye, a thank-you and a selfish gesture.

it was a very sad day for me last friday. you see, my lovely neighbour had sold her house, and friday was the unfortunate settlement day. i was very sad to see her go, as she was the best neighbour you could have, always up for a chat and a fellow crafter!
i made her up a little box as a happy housewarming present (excuse the terrible photo). she's an avid gardener and had mentioned to me that her new place had a garden, but it wasn't particularly exciting...

so in the box i popped some random potted colour pots from bunnings (one of them was lobelia, that was as far as my plant knowledge extended though) and some nice herbs for good measure.
she loved them!

also on friday last week, i received a little envelope in the letterbox. inside it was this bundle of loveliness,

from steph. the rectangle of vintage gorgeousness (with my initial EMBROIDERED on!!), is a tissue holder! sooooooo cute! needless to say i love it, and can't believe steph took the time to make something so beautiful! i'm almost afraid to use it as my bag is a bit like a tip at the moment (always).
thank YOU so much steph!

then yesterday, after work, i popped into the supermarket to get a couple of things, and thanks to a post-mothers day flower sale, managed to pick this up for myself,

for half-price! i'm not particularly into buying cut flowers because of their impermanence, and well your basically giving someone something that they're going to have to watch wither up and die... which makes these perfect for me, not only are there still flowers yet to come out on the plant, they're bulbs so i'll be able to enjoy them every year! huzzah! reusable gift to myself!

so that's what has been happening in these parts, what have you been up to?
did you have a good mother's day? i visited my mum for dinner and surprised her well and good as she didn't know i was coming, i like to think it made her day but i think she was happy to have the family all together having a meal together!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

my creative space.

in my space today, i'll be getting to some painting and hopefully finishing off the project i started on the easter long weekend.

i'm also hoping to get some cooking done! slow roasted lamb shanks for dinner tonight and some burgers in preparation for dinner saturday night (i'm working all day and probably won't have the energy to organise it afterwards...)

and a bit more knitting. the cushion cover i started lea's blankie and spotlight have decided to discontinue the colour, lucky i have a magical wool hunter as a friend!)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

may days.

so the inevitable happened, it's may. the days keep trickling by at a rate that is a little alarming.
won't you slow down days?
anywho, what are your plans for may?

my may will be very crafty i think! lots and lots of wooly, crafty things to do, and maybe even some sewing too!
on the creative to-do list this month, lea's blankie (the aim is to have it finished by the end of the month, we'll see how that goes...), more beanies (i finished this one off on the weekend, 3 to go now!), a test knit (which incidentally, is a beanie), some baby presents (one is getting quite close to due, need to pull my finger out...) and finally a cushion (or two).
which reminds me, my giveaway ended on sunday and i was wayyy too peed off at my computer to try and use it (i can't type a thing anymore, not a thing! starting to save for a new one...) so without further ado, the winner is
congratulations to you! i'll be knitting and crocheting (yes, the cushion has both, not great at choosing between the two) you a cushion cover up as well! and look,

i've even made a start! after two tension swatches knitted up on the train, i cast on and managed to get a few rows done too, only 85 cms or so left to knit up, twice ha ha!
yes, i will most definitely be a busy bee this month but for now, i've got to go and be a busy bee in the kitchen. the dishes are piled high and i need some of them to cook dinner. the call of housework *sigh*.
hope your month is a wonderful one!