Wednesday, May 18, 2011

checking the mailbox.

i love to check the mailbox, especially when things like this can be found in there!
i quite literally started jumping up and down when i could see this large package in my mailbox, i knew exactly what was in it too...

a cushion cover! made especially for me by the lovely miriam! i shoved a cushion in it quick sticks and gave it a big hug! my word, it's VERY soft and cuddly! thanks so much miriam! i LOVE it!
i've popped it on my armchair, where i sit and do most of my knitting and crochet so it'll get sooooooooooo much use!

miriam also popped a little something extra in, this gorgeous concertina book! it looks like it's made from an old story book cover and the paper inside is DIVINE! i'll have to think of something very special to put inside!
thanks again miriam!

now i'd best be off, i've still got a cushion cover to finish and send away myself!
happy hump day!


Anonymous said...

Nicole - so pleased you like it. Yay. It was a lot of fun reading your blog and trying to think of something especially for you. Glad it arrived safely. :o)

Maxabella said...

It looks perfect in that spot! I love the cushion swaps - I can't make a cushion cover to save my life, but I love the stories and the joy of the swaps. x