Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a goodbye, a thank-you and a selfish gesture.

it was a very sad day for me last friday. you see, my lovely neighbour had sold her house, and friday was the unfortunate settlement day. i was very sad to see her go, as she was the best neighbour you could have, always up for a chat and a fellow crafter!
i made her up a little box as a happy housewarming present (excuse the terrible photo). she's an avid gardener and had mentioned to me that her new place had a garden, but it wasn't particularly exciting...

so in the box i popped some random potted colour pots from bunnings (one of them was lobelia, that was as far as my plant knowledge extended though) and some nice herbs for good measure.
she loved them!

also on friday last week, i received a little envelope in the letterbox. inside it was this bundle of loveliness,

from steph. the rectangle of vintage gorgeousness (with my initial EMBROIDERED on!!), is a tissue holder! sooooooo cute! needless to say i love it, and can't believe steph took the time to make something so beautiful! i'm almost afraid to use it as my bag is a bit like a tip at the moment (always).
thank YOU so much steph!

then yesterday, after work, i popped into the supermarket to get a couple of things, and thanks to a post-mothers day flower sale, managed to pick this up for myself,

for half-price! i'm not particularly into buying cut flowers because of their impermanence, and well your basically giving someone something that they're going to have to watch wither up and die... which makes these perfect for me, not only are there still flowers yet to come out on the plant, they're bulbs so i'll be able to enjoy them every year! huzzah! reusable gift to myself!

so that's what has been happening in these parts, what have you been up to?
did you have a good mother's day? i visited my mum for dinner and surprised her well and good as she didn't know i was coming, i like to think it made her day but i think she was happy to have the family all together having a meal together!

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Lyndel said...

oh not a selfish gesture.. they are beautiful, and you deserve to have beautiful things around you. Lovely present for your neighbour too.. well done.