Saturday, May 14, 2011

and we're back.

you know how when you can't do something, you want to do it all the more? that's what i was like yesterday! knowing that i couldn't blog meant that i had about 5 blog posts running around in my head, dying to come out! such is the way of human existence i suppose! anywho, on to the good stuff!

i've been working my little fingers off to desperately try and get lea's blankie all finished and done with and i'm getting pretty excited as it's getting quite close! would you like a look?

i wanted to take the picture measured on the bed, but there was someone in it! in any case, it's the perfect length for me at the moment, i can crochet onto it and it stretches all the way down my legs and over my toes, keeping me nice and toasty.
i think i'm going to try and get at least another 20 rows on it and then start on the edge. very excited to have the end in sight on this project as i have lots more to do this month!

like a cushion! the deadline is creeping up fast and i feel a bit like i'm getting nowhere! can't believe how many people are already finished!

i think i'm almost halfway to having the cushion cover proper done, then i need to crochet for it too! lots of work to go still, and some learning too. i think i'm going to try some buttonholes! figured that would be a good way to keep a cushion insert in (and an excuse to buy/destash some buttons...)

hope your weekend is going well!


Lyndel said...

oh that's looking fantastic. I think the horrid weather in Melb yesterday made the Blog Free Day even harder (I know it did for me). Looking at your lovely blankie, and the start of your cushion is just re-inforcing why I nominated you as one of my Liebster Bloggers today. Well done.

Lea said...

Gosh really I am just super excited about this blankie. You are doing such a beautiful job. I could not imagine how it would turn out but i am loving it so much! I bet you will be glad to see the end of it:)

Catherine said...

wow - that blankie is lovely - and wonderfully huge!
I have to get cracking on my cushion too... trying not to look at the "finished cushions" because it's too intimidating...