Monday, November 2, 2015

meal planning monday.

woweeee! i am ready and raring for this week, so hopefully this meal plan keeps me on track!

a plate full of mexican. mexican rice, guacamole and grilled corn on the cob

tonight, i'm eating solo, so i'll cook up a wee bit of pasta, roast up some cherry tomatoes and stir through some broad bean pesto i made a week or so ago.

tomorrow night, bb is back! i'll cook up what's in the photo above i think. his favourite vegan meal i've cooked up so far!

for wednesday, this one pot tandoori quinoa should do the trick

thursday, i might give this bbq pulled sweet potato a try. i'll grab some delicious bread to go with it too!

friday night, i'll whip up this crunchy noodle salad. it definitely sounds like something bb will be into.

saturday, i'll leave bb in charge of the cooking, as i'll be working!

and sunday? well sunday will call for a big ol' lentil curry. yep.

what are you eating this week?

Sunday, November 1, 2015


after the past month, i'm ready to get geared up and get lots of stuff done, on a few different fronts...

cooked myself way too much food for breakfast one morning, complete with heart shaped hash browns picked up some new glasses last month, dark teal coloured ones

having a little read over of last month's list, i really did get most of that stuff done.
with the exception of bb's jumper that is...
i lost all motivation when i realised that we wouldn't be honeymooning in europe, so it wouldn't get a wear until at least april of next year!

swatching a new-to-me yarn, isager palet. a tape structure yarn in the most beautiful, grey palette catching up with a friend for an afterwork beverage. sitting out in the sun was so ace

and for this month? well wedding prep will be in full swing!
i've made a wee start on prettifying the garage this afternoon, though there is LOADS to do in there. as well as a few bits and pieces that i want to get done outside too. keeping the lawn maintained, and keeping everything watered and well looked after are both on the agenda. though i'd also love to plant some happy blooms towards the end of the month too.
i've got plans to spend a bit of time down with my parents in the country, which will give me some time to finalise the reception plans (table settings, floral arrangements, sound systems, catering...) as well as get a couple of projects finished up that i'm working on too!

on the knitting front, i've started two projects in the last week i'd love to get finished up on...
there's also a little bit of pattern designing i've been working on that i need to finish up with too...
i'll keep the details under wraps so i can surprise you when i'm done!

one of my big goals is to get my butt moving this month. my 10k steps a day has well and truly been slipping the past week or so, so i'd love to get 10k steps every day this month!
and keep myself motivated on the food front too. i've really been enjoying eating vegan food, but over the last fortnight, there has been many occasions where i didn't have myself organised, or was being too lazy so ended up going for non-vegan options...
hopefully i can work towards filling up the freezer with easy options, so even if i'm super tired, or on the run, there's still food for us there ready to go!

what are your plans for this month?