Thursday, June 9, 2011

our creative space.

bit of deja vu happening here... everything is looking a bit the same as a month or so ago, except now, i'm on the home stretch (and the lighting isn't quite as bright...)

hooking up the last few rows and then there's just the edge to go! guess i better start saving up my pennies to send this baby up to sydney, it's getting quite heavy!

i also made a start on one of the baby presents i've been banging on about needing to make!

it's a cross stitch using a counted pattern for a cousin's (almost born) baby! hoping i can get it to near completion before the little babe is born so that all i need to do is stitch in a name and birth date. fingers crossed!

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Lea said...

gorgeous little cross stitch, you are a girl of patience that's for sure. save your pennies for spotlights wool sale. I am very happy to pay for postage:)

Naturally Carol said...

A beautiful combination of colours being crocheted into that blanket!

LionessLady said...

Gorgeous hooking work!

Jacinta @ Hot Strong Coffee said...

love the crochet blankie, and I think you are very clever (and patient) to do counted cross stitch :)

Fiona said...

What a beautiful blanket - great colours!