Monday, June 21, 2010


spotlight were having a sale so naturally i thought i'd go down for a look.
well not just a look to be honest, i did need a couple of things. a ball of wool for my ripple, some bits and bobs for my stitched postcard AND most importantly some buttons for a coat.
one of the buttons had broken off and i knew i wouldn't be able to replace it. so i decided maybe i should replace them all!
i spent a good half an hour looking through all the buttons they had on display, both the ones on the cards and the ones on the tube and nothing was perfect. i gave up looking, a little disheartened. i had a spool of ribbon that i needed to get cut (for my super exciting first ever giveaway! have you entered yet?) so i lined up for the cutting table. alongside the queuing space there were mixed bags of buttons, and in a bag of vintage mixed buttons, i spotted the PERFECT buttons for my jacket. i quickly started fondling all of the bags, trying to count if there were enough of my perfect button inside the bag. and i found one!

$8 for 13 of the most perfect buttons for my jacket and then there's the rest of the bag. i'm dreaming up sooooo many vintage button-y projects right now, there's no stopping my brain!

ps. if you haven't yet, you should enter my giveaway!

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Catherine said...

they do look perfect - serendipity indeed!