Monday, June 15, 2015

meal planning monday.

phew! monday again! the past week's meal plan didn't exactly go as i had hoped, but it's a new week and i've got another meal plan to go by!

tonight, i've got some hasselback potatoes in the oven (never got to those last week) and some steaks in the fridge. can't wait, my belly is rumbling!

tomorrow, i'll stop by the butcher in my lunch break from work and see what there is on offer. lots of vegies on the side. i think this week will mostly be a meat and three veg kind of week ha ha!

for wednesday night, bb has requested tacos. i'll grab some mince out of the freezer and spice it up to make it nice and mexican-ish. if i can be bothered, i'll whip up some tortillas too...

thursday night, i'm thinking some parmesan chicken. i'll get some pancetta from the deli near work and serve them up with a whole heap of vegies, and some more hasselback potatoes if i get home from work in time.

friday night, i'll be working. i think i'll do osso bucco this week. i was supposed to last week, but ended up slow cooking some beer braised beef ribs instead. they were AWESOME and it's inspired me to shake up my osso bucco this week!

saturday night, i'm heading down to visit my mum and dad for dinner. am looking forward to a mum-cooked roast with all the trimmings, yum!

sunday night, i think i'll ask bb to cook. i'll be heading home from mum and dad's during the day, and stopping off at a baby shower on the way, so here's hoping he can throw together a big ol' pot of bolognaise to eat when i get home!

what are you eating this week?

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