Monday, June 8, 2015

meal planning monday.

monday again, though it certainly doesn't feel it... a public holiday today, as well as having worked all weekend, means that it definitely feels like a sunday today!
i've made the most of it by staying home ALL day. i've gotten a bit of gardening done, a bit of tidying and housework, some wedding prep and a wee bit of blogging too.

tonight, bb is out at the football, so i think i'll cook myself up some pesto pasta. simple and easy and delicious!

tomorrow night, i'll throw together a curry for dinner. should be quick but yummy!

wednesday night, i'll grab some kind of red meat from the butcher, and serve them up with a whole load of vegies. AND hasselback potatoes. i've been wanting to try them for AGES.

thursday night, i'm hoping to catch up with some lovely ladies for dinner.

friday night, i'm working late. osso bucco in the slow cooker should do the trick.

saturday night, i'm intending a date night with bb. after two nights out in a row, i'll need a catch up with him!

sunday night, slow cooked roast. done and done.

what are you eating this week? have you made hasselback potatoes before?

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