Monday, June 1, 2015

meal planning monday.

oh hey! my name is nicole, and i am an expert in falling off this blogging bandwagon it seems... luckily i'm also getting quite good at jumping back on.

i spent a little time yesterday, having a think about the week ahead, and what i have planned meal wise so i feel pretty good about this meal plan...
i'm also trying to kickstart a bit of healthy eating thing too, being the first of june and all. the last few weeks has meant lots of junky junk and i'm feeling particularly bleurgh because of it.

anyway... i'll talk more about my plans for the month over the next couple of days, for now, it's meal plan time!

tonight, i've got a pot of chicken stock on the stove, bringing it to the boil to cook up some noodles for a soupy dinner. we had a roast chicken last night for dinner, so basically leftovers tonight...

tomorrow night, i'll grab some beef mince out of the freezer, and make a chow mein. i haven't really made it before, so naturally i'm just going to wing it! i've got some vegies pre-chopped (i was super organised yesterday!) and will cook everything off and add sauces until it tastes good! cross your fingers for me?

wednesday night, i'm heading out to catch up with some old work colleagues. it should be excellent and bb can fend for himself!

thursday night, i'll be working late. satay chicken will be going in the slow cooker for sure!

friday night, i'm heading to an etsy craft party!! i'm anticipating it will be an absolute blast and i canNOT wait!

saturday and sunday, i'm hoping to spend a whole lotta time at home... organising, tidying and CLEANING as i have a house inspection scheduled next week. eep! it should mean lots of home cooked meals too. maybe a soup? and something slow cooked for sure. and maybe BREAD!? i feel as though i haven't baked in ages!

what are you eating this week? have you been baking recently?

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Michelle said...

No baking here other than roasting vegetables in the oven! But dinners this week include steak and roasted Mediterranean veggies, chilli concerns, pea and ham soup and probably a shakshuka there somewhere. Love the idea of chow mein! Let us know how it goes!