Wednesday, December 10, 2014

green love.

just a quick round-up of the NEW things i came home to after our little trip away (more about that later...)

well a ways off potatoes still, but my seeds have started growing.

this was gone about 2 seconds after i snapped this. still needed another day or two but i didn't want to chance it with the wildlife...

i picked up this 'potted colour' a few weeks ago now, though it didn't have any colour on it at all, just greenery, and now look at it! beautiful!

what new things have you noticed in your patch this week?


Megan said...

Raspberries! So jealous!! I've recently put in some lavender and some dieties to make the garden look a bit better and fuller ready for selling or renting or something-ing. And I got a gardener to come and dig up some of our agapanthus clumps and break them up and spread them around too.

Eden Riley said...

Oh my gosh! All your greeneries and knitting and puppies and bread! BEAUTIFUL. yOU ARE BEAUTIFUL XX