Sunday, December 28, 2014

sunday snippets.

well hello there!
it's been so much longer than i'd meant it to be... but what a crazy time of year!

i've been super busy with work since getting back from our little roadtrip, and when i wasn't busy, i was trying to get ready for christmas! lots of knitting, and food prep...

a beanie for my bestie's hubby, a pair of socks for my cousin's littlest (don't ever try and take a photo of a dancing young lady) and my take on babymac's salmon stacks (so delicious!)

and of course, when there's lots to be done, there's always something i end up doing instead...

like organising projects i want to knit next year from my stash. naturally...

they may just be all bagged up, and labelled, in a basket ready to knit. there are lots of beanies in the works, as well as a couple of scarves, a pair of socks and my first shawl!
can't wait to get knitting!

how did your christmas go? are you already making plans for the new year?


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Hello, hello. My christmas was so lovely and relaxing - but no yummy snacks with edible flowers! How GOOD do they look? Today's all about getting rid of stuff, recycling, binning, donating. New year, clean start and all.

Oh, and lots of cycling xx

Megan said...

That's so organised of you! My one handmade crochet present didn't get finished in time unfortunately so luckily I can give it to my sister for her birthday in March instead. It was a surprise so she doesn't even need to know it was late haha!

I'm already making plans too, I want to have a go at knitting a garment. I'm thinking I'll start with a little baby cardigan or kimono, something not too tricky or large. Still need to decide on a pattern and yarn too though. If you know any good patterns please point me in the right direction!!

I love that beanie pattern, very simple right to almost the end and then a bit of trickiness but you've come so far there's no point giving up now and it's only a little bit of trickiness which I'm sure would be quite easy once one had learned how to do it.