Monday, December 1, 2014

meal planning monday.

i had a bit of a dilemma today, do i write up a meal plan because it's monday, or a 'december' post because it's the first of the month...?
the meal plan won!

tonight, i've got some roo burgers to use up. pretty sure they were on the menu last week but that never ended up happening...

tomorrow night, i'm out all day for work training and THEN have ballet. slow cooker satay chicken will be ON!

wednesday night, i'll grab some kind of meat from the butchers. maybe some lamb chops. and i'll serve them up with all the vegies in the crisper that needs to be eaten.

thursday, i'll be celebrating being on holidays (woo!) and will definitely be cooking up EVERYTHING that is in the fridge. bb and i are heading interstate for a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary so the fridge will need to be emptied!

and we'll definitely be eating out for the rest of the week!

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