Tuesday, April 20, 2010


yup so it's been a while... and once again we have uni to thank for that!
i haven't had time to do simple things around the house, let alone to do lovely crafty, planty things to show all of you lovely people. unless of course you want to hear all the details about all the assignments i've had due? no? didn't think so!

so here are a couple of updates for you, just to keep you posted...
first of all, see that mass of tangled leafy vines there? ok so it's not quite a mass just yet, but it has certainly grown. remember way back here when i was sad because of our careless mower man? well four months on, my jasmine has not only bounced back, it's better than ever. it's lovely and thick at the bottom and there are a few tendrils that have grown up, all the way to the handrail.
i absolutely can't wait for flower time! i'll be able to open the front door and jasmine smell will waft through the whole house!

aaaaaand this lovely specimen of blanket (that is actually looking like a blanket now!)
i've been doing a little bit of work on this because the weather here has been sooo miserable (with the exception of this past weekend) it kept my toesies warm and my crocheting hands too! fending off the need to turn on the heater just yet.
it's getting to the point where it's hard to tell if it's grown at all, so i keep measuring it against my legs as i'm hooking. a few months ago it barely covered my knees. now it's all the way down my shins and to my feet! slow growth but definitely lovely all the same!

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Brianna said...

No time for you to be posting, you should be looking at colours for MY blankey!