Sunday, November 14, 2010

in my spare time...

... i've been reading! well i'm always reading, but lately i've been able to sink my teeth into some beautiful FICTION! (as opposed to the dullness of a non-fictional text book)
i'm finding it's quite a splendid thing, to read a book that's been recommended by a friend, rather than prescribed by a unit chair.

some of these i've read, one of them i'm currently reading, and some i'm intending to read very soon.
some of them are op-shopped, some of them are borrowed but all of them i'm excited about!
what are you reading at the moment?

hope everyone has had a very happy and safe weekend!


RobynLouise said...

My kids (lol, in their 20's) put me onto Matthew Reilly. All I can say about his Jack West series is... Indiana Jones eat your heart out! Author and main character are both Aussies :D.

RobynLouise said...

Just noticed you have a Charles Dickens classic. Another good one is 'Nicholas Nickleby' and this used to be available as a free PDF download through
It's only text but it's great when you're a bit tired and you can enlarge the print as it's on computer.