Thursday, October 15, 2009


yesterday was my last exam for 2009. i now have 4 and a half months of freedom. well there's work but you can't get study guilt from working...
so i may have done some procrastination in the past few examy weeks. the ripple was started.

and i may have just kept rippling. i bought the light green and purple to add some colour zazz in as i thought that the dark green/blue/black combination was a bit old man style. i added them on but the dark green/blue/black combination was just tooooooo dull even with the added colour zazz. the dull needed to be broken up.

frog frog frog frog. a whole box of frogging.

did you notice my manicure? it's for an animal print themed party that i'm going to on saturday night. took me a few hours but i kinda love them :D

so i've gone from having a 5 and a half row ripple to a one row ripple. shouldn't take me long to get it back to 5 hopefully... i don't have plans for tomorrow til i have to leave for work at 2ish. i'm rearranging the colours so that they go dull bright dull bright. hopefully it'll make it a little perkier for the eye.
stay tuned for the completed coloured pattern. tomorrow? maybe saturday? possibly sunday. before the week is out!

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